One More Time in 2011

Holey moley! Its Saturday, December 31, 2011, this post is a day late, and this is The Side.  This post is late because I overslept yesterday, and got up just in time to check a couple things and go to work.  Hate oversleeping, but at least I wasn't late for work.  Besides, it seemed fitting that I do my year in review bit on the last day of the year.

So much has happened this year that is feels like a blur.

I think the biggest personal thing was the loss of my Uncle Buddy.  He was a great man and an an inspiration to many, and it sorely missed.

This was the year that DC Comics did their massive reboot, and also the year i stopped reading DC Comics.  It seemed for a long time that they were trying to show me the door.  Still books like Miller's BATGIRL, Morrison's Batman work, and Paul Cornell's stuff kept me on board.  Those are now gone and so am I.  I'm reading less comics now, but am really liking what I'm reading.

The Nozz Compound discovered Netflix instant streaming and quickly dismissed any urge to get pay TV.  What I really love is that because of it I've been able to share HEATHCLIFF, SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS, X-MEN EVOLUTION, JOHNNY TEST, and  JACKIE CHAN ADVENTUREs with my kids.  That's before i get into all the shows I can watch.  Still got plenty of episodes of SCRUBS, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE and  BURN NOTICE to watch.

I finally beat FINAL FANTASY VIII.  Don't hate me because I'm retro.

This was also the year Google Plus came out.  I've taken pretty well to it.  I've gotten a nice little group on there to discusses fun stuff.  I've continued the monthly tournies I used to do on Google Buzz, but are now much easier.  I've even started doing a little webcomic on there using the picture sharing and album features.  Really digging it.
ANGEL AND FAITH #5 was waiting for me in my bag this week.  Christos Gage continues to nail the characters pitch perfectly.  Phil Noto handles the art this issue.  I love his cover work, but typically don't see much of his sequentials, so this was treat.  "In Perfect Harmony" is an one-issue story dealing with Angel's former secretary and the current most popular vampire in the world, Harmony.  During BUFFY Season 8, vampires went public and Harmony became a media darling including her own reality TV show.  She still just as much of an annoying pain as she was on the TV show.  Bad for Angel and Faith, but great for us readers.  The previous storyline was pretty heavy in dealing with the attempt to resurrect Rupert Giles.  This story gives us a little break, much like Whedon would do in the series give us that wink that we are supposed to be having fun here.  Their utter exasperation with Harmony is apparent on every panel and its awesome because I think everyone is utterly exasperated with Harmony.Its an utter exasperation party, and everyone is invited! OH, and Clem is here as Harmony's personal assistant.  Good ol' Clem.  He's one of the most likable characters in the Buffyverse.  This issue was really fun.  The only thing I didn't dig was how Noto illustrated vampires getting dusted, but I can look past that easily.  Great stuff.

Last year, for the final post of the year, I posted the song that rocked my socks the hardest. Seemed like the thing to do with year. I picked "Angela Surf City" by the Walkmen. First heard it in Local Heroes and was blown away. The great thing about this video is you can see the drummer really going to town. I wish I had half his stamina.

That's it for me for the year. No post tomorrow, so we'll pick things back up on Wednesday. Happy New Year everyone!

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