On the funny book redemption train

Its Friday, December 2, 2011, it feels like I just did this, and this is The Side. By this I don't mean doing a comic review, or posting the blog. It feels like I just got done with Christmas. That might have something to do with my not taking down the lights or putting tree away until October. I'm not knocking Christmas, I love it. However, i was thinking yesterday about taking the girls to go see Santa, and it really felt like it was something I just did last week.

Feels like this year is one big blur, which is probably a good thing. Not a banner year.


ANGEL AND FAITH #4 was waiting for me this week. This wraps up the "Live Through This" storyline which had Angel and Faith on a quest to resurrect Rupert Giles whom Angel killed at the end of the BUFFY SEASON NINE series. This comic has handled itself very well in acting as a first episode and letting us know who these characters are, where they're at now, and what's gone one before to get them here. Fortunately, they manage to do with a good amount of fun and action and don't beat the reader upside the head with the exposition stick. Angel's got plan to bring back Giles, which Faith thinks is probably a bad idea, and would rather use Angel's plan to restore his humanity. There's a bunch of demons to contend with, but the big problem are Nash and Pearl, who are very evil. We can tell they are evil by their pointy ears and extremely arched eyebrows. They've got a big beef with Angel, and are as powerful as all get out. That's a recipe for plenty of action. This story does have an excellent twist in the resurrection mission as well, and one that I didn't see coming. This series is a good read and not just for big Joss Whedon fans.


Here's some upbeat redemption music.

Yes, it was another short post. Shame upon the house of Nozz. I'm looking to try to reorganize some things and make a little more time to get more content out. We'll see what how that goes, and I'll see y'all Sunday.

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