Should have swept the leg

WHERE'S MY DRUGS?! Its Sunday, December 11, 2011, its going to be an 800 mg kind of day, and this is The Side. Yep, was a good weekend of beatings, but more on that in a second.

The neighbor girl, sure enough, came over to the house while I was out and asked if we still had those cards. I freaking knew it. I've returned this cards and when she goes to that shop to buy some she's going to be coughing up a $1 bitch tax for each pack.


And this time, they were on me! Karate and other martial arts are about learning, and hopefully always continuing to learn. Guys like me always like going to seminars and hopefully gaining a new perspective or learning a new technique. The problem with that is these are often expensive and require travelling quite a ways. That's difficult for a guy with bills to pay, and who can't really afford to take off work for long. So, when my cousin was was hosting a Koryu Uchinadi seminar with Darrin Johnson Sensei here in town I knew I had to leap at the chance.

The majority of what we went over were techniques I knew, but the seminar offered a really fresh perspective on those techniques. I did pick up a really cool Gi choke that I didn't know. Of course I learned that choke by getting it put on me. Education has a price. This weekend's price was getting choked, stretched, pummeled, removal of hair from my arms and the back of my neck, and getting my head stepped on.

I also want to take a moment to say that Facebook is indeed evil. Yes, there are a few people that read this that have heard my repeated rants against Facebook, and are pretty sick of them, well you're going to hear it again, dammit! Darrin Sensei posted a few picture for the morning workout on his Facebook account including one of myself and my cousin, Scott, looking like our typical pleasant selves. He tagged my cousin, which set off a ping on my wife's Facebook account. Now, the Missus is sick this weekend, but still gave me my kitchen pass for the weekend, which I'm very grateful for, and will be making her breakfast shortly. However, she did see the pictures and commented on those pictures that those were no fun, and she wanted to see some beatings. At which point, Darrin Sensei asked Scott, "Who is Meagan Nozz and why is she giving Marty such a hard time?"

I'm sure this has nothing whatsoever to do with me spending some quality time on the floor with my face sandwiched between the thinly carpeted cement and Danny Sensei's knee. Fortunately the rug burn is hardly noticeable.

And here you see that I have no problem throwing the big elbow, but unfortunately for me Danny Sensei has no problem blocking it.

I then made the mistake of calling Danny Sensei a wine drinker, which is a horrible insult to true Australians. The end result was an impromptu nap.

There's a lot of people I need to thank here. Darrin Johnson Sensei for coming down and offering so much great information. Danny Sensei and his wife Kimmy Sensei for making the trip from Maryland to help with a seminar. All three were really great and a lot of fun to hang out with all day. My cousin, Scott, for holding the seminar and inviting me on out despite our vicious (and imaginary) blood feud. DJ and Derrick from my dojo who came out as well to support the seminar. We got the info on kind of short notice, but these guys came out and represented us well. Most of all, I have to thank my wife, Meagan, for letting me go. This was a great early Christmas present.

If you want to learn more about Koryu Uchinadi, check out Darrin Johnson and Koryu 360 on Facebook. Yes, i did just plug something on Facebbok. That's how good this stuff is.


Quite sorry I missed UFC 140 last night. Sorry to hear about Big Nog getting his arm broken by Frank Mir. Probably a case for thinking "How do I get out of this?" then SNAP, and then thinking, "Whoops. Guess I should have tapped out there."

That's it for me. Its going to be an 800 mg kind of day, so I'm going to make some coffe, and breakfast and gobble down some anti-inflammatories.

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