Nozz: Errand Boy?

It Wednesday, December 7, 2011, I'm gonna tap some fool right upside his mana, and this is The Side. I lucked out since last week and got a new car since the last one got detonated. Looked just like the old one. The CD player in this one only works half the time too.

Getting ready to send out some cards for the holidays? This ain't about those kinda cards.


I like to be helpful, especially around the holiday season. I thought I had a nice opportunity to do so last week. My neighbor's daughter wanted to get some MAGIC: THE GATHERING cards for a friend for Christmas. Keep in mind, she's 23. They've got them over at Comic Kings, and I was going there anyways, so I figured I'd save her a trip. The Missus got the specifics of what she wanted me to get: $20 worth the latest packs of cards.

I role up into Kings. Federali is behind the counter. I only had one comic waiting in my pull bag. I grabbed the latest copy of PREVIEWS. Federali rings me up and I say, "And I need $20 worth of Magic card." At which point Federali laughs right in my face. Then he asks, if I'm serious, and I let him know I was getting them as a gift. So, I'm Mister Nice Dude, running some errands. I get five packs at $3.50 each coming to $17.50.

Now, if the girl who asked for them only wanted to give me $17.50 back, that's fine. It wasn't out of my way. I was going there anyways. I wasn't going to haggle over gas or what have you.

I give the packs to the Missus who was going to take them over to her the next day. I get home from work only to find out the neighbor girl wasn't going to take the cards because she says she can get them $3.25.

Now, I'm pissed.

I'm not going to say I know what's a good deal as far as price on Magic cards. I do know that they move a lot of those cards over at Kings, and they aren't in the habit of screwing me over since I write reviews and stuff for their website. So, I figure its a safe bet that $3.50 is a good price. Now, even if she could get them at $3.25, and save $1.25, we delivered those packs to her doorstep. The lazy broad didn't even have to leave her house.

She's apparently in the habit of being shiftless and useless, so most likely she didn't even have the money to pay me back. The packs are back in my hot little hands, and as much as I did trading card games in theory, I won't be breaking open those packs to try my hand at the game. I'll be returning them to Kings. Odds are the person she was getting the cards for will end up with no gift from her at all.

Moral of the story: when someone is doing you a solid, don't be dick, especially over $1.25.


I still haven't made it through season one of THE WALKING DEAD of Netflix. I did really dig this tune at the end of the second episode though.

That's a wrap. I'm off to work and possibly Kings to return some cards. Later.

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