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Whew. Been a trying few days. Having to hustle off to work earlier makes it a bit difficult to get stuff typed up. But that doesn't mean I'm not busy. Got a couple of notions that I'm going to try to flesh out and make something happen with. We'll see how it goes.

But I'm not just thinking about stuff , I'm doing stuff, because its Wednesday, June 22, 2011, Summer is here, and can sod right off, and this is The Side.


Lee over on REALITYB1TES on YouTube has a fairly empty background when he makes his videos, and he's been asked to put something on there. I offered to draw a picture for it. It was kinda a pain getting it sent over since Fed-Ex is stupid, but thanks to some patience and the U.S. Postal service, whom I should have gone to in the first place, it made it!

I kinda doubt it'll be a fixture on his wall, but its pretty cool seeing something I drew on YouTube. It had been a while since I drew something. I still love drawing, but my hands ached, like arthritis or something. Worrisome.

Maybe I need to draw more to rid myself of such problems.


I'm really starting to wonder about the people at convenience stores. I wrote before about the nutter whom asked if I had ever plucked a chicken when I was trying to pay her for my drink at a 7-11. That's how she greeted me: "Have you ever plucked a chicken?" So I was wondering if there was some sort of mental evaluation that she slipped through somehow.

Now, I'm wondering if they check for social skills. Yesterday, I was getting a Gatorade at a 7-11 and I noticed the person in line behind me. She was short. I did a double take because she was a height of a child, maybe around four feet tall, but was obviously a nurse. She was dressed in scrubs, and carried herself like a professional woman. Caught me off guard a bit, and she noticed the double-take, so I offered her a courteous "Good morning." She nodded.

I imagine she's used to people noticing her because of her height. She was gracious about. She was quite attractive as well. I probably wouldn't have though any more about it if the weird broad behind the counter hadn't made a comment as she placed her purchase on the counter. "Is that everything, Mini-Me."

The woman made not indication whatsoever that she even knew the woman. She simply paid and left. It didn't seem like they knew each other.

Who does that? Who in the service industry simply calls a customer a nickname? I don't know if the young lady was offended. She certainly wasn't smiling when she left the store. I'm sure the woman behind the counter, who was a manager no less, felt very clever.

But, like the "chicken plucker lady" she probably needs a job where the public doesn't have to deal with her.


Was driving home yesterday, and my route took me down a particularly tricky stretch of road. Lots of sharp turns, and if you go off the road, you're likely going to end up in a ditch. My mom was scared of that road because when she was a kid she heard that a witch lived on there somewhere.

I was going around a tight "S" turn, which you've got to be careful on because its pretty tight and the trees around it are dense enough that you can't see what's around the corner. So I didn't see the accident until I was right on it. A motorcycle had lost control and swerved into the front of a station wagon. Bike was it the ditch. The rider was lying by the road. The guy in the station wagon was alright, but a bit shook. I pulled over and called 911. By the time I told the operator where we were the rider was on his feet. Just a couple of scratches. The bike was banged up, but pretty much in decent shape. I helped get it out of the ditch. The rider sneezed and lost control.

Pretty sure I won't be getting a motorcycle, like, ever. This song was on the radio when I got back in my car.

I get the feeling that's going to be one of those things that changes the song's context for me. Whenever I hear it, I'll end up thinking of that accident.

That's the ballgame for me today. Thanks again for sticking with me and I'll see y'all Friday.

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