Brick not hit back

Its Friday, June 24, 2011, and this is The Side. When my dad was my age, him and some of the guys he trained with got a bunch of cinder blocks and pretty much laid waste to them. there's pictures of my dad breaking them with punches kicks and an elbow. He said always make sure when you do something like that to have someone take your picture, that way you have proof and never have to do it again.

So yesterday when I put my hand through a couple of patio pavers I made sure the karate kids' parents had their smart phones out to record this historic event. It is, of course, historic because now I never have to to do it again.


ZATANNA #14 was waiting for me in the pull box this week. I'm going to miss this series once reboot kicks in. This is a fun comic, and there's so much interesting stuff going on. Unfortunately with the clock ticking down this issue doesn't have anything to do with Brother Night or the underlying big bad a-comin'. Zatanna goes to the club. Well, it wasn't really her idea, its was her cousin, Zachery. Now fellas, you know how this goes. Guy gets done working and he goes on out to get his drink on and meet some honeys. He finds a hot one and of course it turns out to be a life sucking succubus. Happens all the time. Its bad enough that a guy has to worry about STDs, knockin' her up, or ending up in a bathtub full of ice minus a kidney again. Now we gotta worry about this. Makes me glad I'm not single. This one is a one off from Adam Beechen, who I don't have any problem with usually, but there's kinda a problem here. It seems, according to Beechen, that Zatanna and Zatara's powers don't work on flesh, but we just got done with a storyline in which Zee's dad turned a guy into a puppet. Then there's the instance in which she inflated that guy with the time sword. It seems Beechen forgot about those, or forgot that their powers couldn't be used to kill people (which still would have worked with the story), or he thought for a panel or two that he was writing Firestorm. I don't know. Still, it wasn't a bad issue. Zee's relationship with her cousin was done very well. Jamal Igle's art is always a joy to look at. So, with one hiccup in there, I'll call this a win.


Cool song, made even cooler by use of SCRUBS footage. Everything is cooler with SCRUBS footage.

That's all for me today. Time to go make some bacon. See y'all Sunday.

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