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OSU! Its Sunday, June 5, 2011, I'm exhausted, and this is The Side. I'll get to why I'm worn out in a bit. Real quick: on the shameless internet number whoring front, my cunning plan has worked. After getting less then half the page views in May than I did in April I put in a post with a ton of Pocoyo pictures and sure enough I'm back to getting the numbers I previously was and my "sell out" post is one of the most viewed posts on this log.

This let's me know one thing: my opinions and thoughts aren't nearly as sought after as a little cartoon kid and his little animal companions.

Of course, that's not going to stop me from continuing to spew them forth at you people thrice weekly.


So much of what we see and read about our fellow man is terrible. Its so easy to sit and just have a dim view of humanity if we don't get out and away from those trying to get ratings. In news there's a saying "If it bleeds, it leads" meaning the more horrible the story the better the ratings for it will be. And this thought spreads.

Recently a discussion sprung up on the internet making the case that George Washington was an evil person. Really? George Washington? of course nowadays its practically en vogue to bash America, but at a certain point it just gets stupid. One of the main points those making the case that Washington was evil was that Washington owned slaves. However, Robert E. Lee didn't. So does that make Lee a better person than Washington? Well, that can't be the case because Lee fought for slavery during the Civil Wars. At least, that's what you're told because making that war all about slavery makes the winners look better. Saying it was really about States rights versus the powers of the federal government makes things a lot less cut and dried. Were either Washington or Lee evil? Of course not. But demonizing people is easy. Its a low road, and fairly stupid. It ends up leading to stuff like that yearbook page that listed the worst people ever as Adolf Hitler, Osama bin laden, Charles Manson, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney. Three of those people are actually evil. Two are not. If I have to point out which, you've got a problem.

But with all this stupidity and people thinking the worst of people you can still find all these great folks our there. there's still people going out and trying to be a good example, and even better those who aren't trying and simply are a good example. I was at a karate tournament yesterday, which is why I mentioned earlier that I was so tired. I left everything I had on the floor, and even though I didn't win big, I still tried my best to inspire others with my display of skill and show good sportsmanship with my fellow competitors. I had a bunch of students there, and they all worked hard and did well. I'm proud of all of them. One of things i was really glad to see was two of the teenage students helping one of the younger one who had placed in his division, but didn't know where to get his trophy. They more proud of him and more than happy to take him over to get prize. Its little things like that which makes me think teaching is worth it.

Being inspiring can be a simple thing. It can be as simple as the little old lady who had the save bank account for nearly 100 years, and how great that bank treated her on her 100th birthday. Or it could be something a little more showy, like the little girl who did a great job singing the National Anthem, which wouldn't seem like much of a feat, but considering how many high profile singers have messed it up, its refreshing to see a kid do it right.

And then there's those who protect and serve who can inspire us. The people who don't choose the easy path, but above and beyond, not for the glory, but because it was the right thing to do. People like the Iraq War veteran who protected his children during a bank robbery and then turned around and caught the robber. People with the skills needed to help, the decency to do so, and the intelligence to know when to act.

And finally there are those people who never set out to inspire, but placed in extraordinary circumstances, do so anyway. Such was the case of the British Military man checkpoint was overrun in Afghanistan by 30 Taliban fighters who did their level best to leave him a bullet riddled corpse. Now for those familiar with the story you may be saying "But Nozz, that soldier was a Gurkha! That fight was in no way fair to those Taliban folks!" Which is true, but the Taliban guys started it, and didn't leave that fella any choice but to take all 30 of them out. What's lesson there? Don't quit. Some things only look impossible.

Life isn't simple. Its not really down to good versus evil a lot of times, but sometimes it is. Evil is fairly easy to find if you look for it. News media makes it pretty easy. However good can be found too, and you may have to look a little harder, but its worth the extra effort.


My college roommate dated a girl who looked just like the girl in this video, complete with the legs that went all the way up to her neck. Of course, I've got the video in here due to this being a really great song and video, and not because the girl in question is in a really short skirt.

Alrighty, I'm done. I'm going to go recover, and then go workout, and then go recover. Yeesh. Talk about a vicious cycle.

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