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Its Friday, June 10, 2011 and this is The Side. Had a little excitement on the other night. While watching the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE auditions flashing blue lights became visible through the windows. I went out on the porch in time to eight patrol cars and some people getting handcuffed.

Obviously, they were trying to elude the officers and once they saw our street, promptly surrendered.


BIRDS OF PREY #13 tops our list this week. The Birds are up against Junior and are in a bit over their heads. They weren't quite ready for this, but those of us who had seen Alex Merkel in SECRET SIX knew this was going to get ugly. Huntress steals the show as she teams up with The Question. Sharp writing and really tight art make this a stand out book. I am a bit bothered by the ending as it looks like we're getting set to take a direction with this book that I'd be completely on board with, but Gail Simone won't be on BIRDS OF PREY after the reboot, so we won't get to see the follow through.

RED ROBIN #24 has our hero tracking down an assassination cult that has a killing contest going. It seemed that their was a tournament going on for assassins, but it looks as though that was a ruse to draw out Tim. Its also looking as though Tim as inherited Bruce's superpower of having killer women wanting him to impregnate them. Osmosis is a powerful thing. I dig Marcus To's artwork. Its very tight and clean.


It came from the 60s by way of the 90s. Why am I doing remakes this week?

That's it for today. Lot of areas under some nasty heat advisories, so everyone safe safe. See y'all Sunday.

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