Must type or goblins will eat me...

Its Wednesday, June 8, 2011, I'm lacking something clever to say, and this is The Side. Time is working against me, so let's just get to it.


I'm pretty sure that sometimes there a little animated face that pops up on the "new post" page that stares at me when I'm staring at the keyboard try to think about what to write. Friday's are easy. The little animated goblin doesn't come out to make faces at me and mock me for not knowing what to type about. I can do my comic book review and get on with my life. Wednesday and Sunday and much more difficult. While I find great comfort in familiarity of routine I also have a need to create.

Creating routinely works well in theory, but its not like exercising routinely. Both require discipline. Both require time. However if you have time and no health problems you can exercise. You can be healthy as a horse, have all the time in the world, as well as a ton of mind altering substances, and that doesn't guarantee anything is going to happen. However, when you have a deadline, it can make something happen. It forces the matter. There are people who say you shouldn't force creativity, but these are people who either don't create, spend tons of time waiting for inspiration, or have so many ideas popping out of them that the rest of us creative types want to stab them.

I figured out long ago that I'm much easier to be around when I'm creating. I'm actually rather pleasant when I'm drawing regularly. Unfortunately, I'm not drawing regularly, and I haven't done much by way of fiction writing in a long time. Blogging helps, but its like taking medication to keep the nastier symptoms from coming out. Unfortunately time isn't on my side. You can have the best ideas in the world, but when you don't have time to sit and work on them nothing's going to happen. I don't mean time as in, well we're all here and the kids are playing, I mean time as in everyone get out and let me work. There's an old saying that writing isn't a dirty process, but its best done privately and its good to wash your hands afterwards. When you work and have kids, its hard to get that alone time.

And that's when the little goblin pops out: when there's a blank page and a deadline looming. Its different for everyone in that position. Most of them probably don't hallucinate. But then again, if they did, it might give them something to write about.


Not a review of anything of the sort this time around. Just a nice little bit from what has to be the greatest movie theater ever.

Speaking of movies, Here's a bit of the theme song to the upcoming remake of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.

That's it for today. Thankfully, I've got some work today. See, being creative is cool, being able to express that is great, but paying your bills is frakking important. See y'all Friday.

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