I'm gonna stay here and read comics

I'm going to start sleeping with a locked door. I have a queen sized mattress. This offers me, usually plenty of space for that thing we call sleeping. Typically, there's two people in the bed, myself and the Missus. Simple math, we each get 50% of the bed. Still plenty for sleeping. So how is it that when the bed is invaded by the 40 pound child that kid gets nearly half the bed, the missus is suddenly on my side, and I'm out on about a foot wide bit of mattress trying to sleep and not fall off.

Its hard to sleep when you're about to fall off of something, but I persevere, because its Friday, June 17, 2011 and this is The Side!


Its team up time in BATGIRL #22! Bryan Q. Miller does the best team ups in this comic and this issue is no exception, as Steph teams up with The Squire! I've loved The Squire ever since she was blasted out of the sky by laser packing jet apes and promised God that if he saved her she'd never swear again. A mission for Batman Incorporated gets sidetracked a bit as The ladies take on The Orphan. Its totally like that time Rupert the Bear broke the clock. The chemistry between Steph and Beryl is awesome. These are two really fun characters, in the really fun and weird setting of the DCU Britain, have a really neat adventure. I've said it time and again that this book is an absolute gem and I recommend it to everyone and anyone. This is exactly the kind of comic that needs to be out right now. It seems like every issue is perfect for a new reader, and this one is no exception.

KIRBY GENESIS #1 gives us what happens when you send a probe into space and Jack Kirby's imagination comes back. The story itself follows college students Kirby and Bobbi as the world discovers all is not what it seems. Aliens start touching down. Weird stuff gets discovered all over the world. Its like somebody suddenly turned on the weird switch. Jack Kirby did a lot in his lifetime in regards to comics. In fact everyone with even the slightest hint of pop culture knowledge knows of something that Kirby had a hand in creating. They may not know about Kirby's input, but they know the creations. Well, aside from the work he did for the "Big 2" companies he did a ton of other work. The characters and stories he created are all coming home to roost here. This is a very well done book, and quite a loving tribute to Kirby's work. As a story it reads great. The art is stellar. This is a really good read, and not just for fans of Jack Kirby.

OK. How can I review 50 GIRLS 50 #1 with a straight face? The first issue features two good lookin' women on a mission in space going to a planet where something in the atmosphere makes their clothes fall off. I swear, I'm not making that up. This is a complete fluff book, and I'm not saying this in a bad way. It reminds me a bit of the old STAR BLAZERS cartoon with the mission to get something from space to save Earth. For some reason only certain women can survive getting through the wormhole. For some reason all those women are pretty hawt. There was a bit at the back of the book which was from the writer Doug Murray that there was a reason for this that'll be explained later, but I don't even want to think about this impending explanation because I'm sure it'll leave the imprint of my palm upon my face. This is campy, fun sci-fi. I can't take it very seriously, but that's kinda working in the book's favor. At least they didn't call it "Chicks in Space".


I was stuck at a job site where some other guys working there had on a station that claimed to be country but was really just really bad top 40 music. Another guy commented, "I came to work to get away from having to listen to a whiny bitch." I know a lot of people blame Garth Brooks for country music become more pop, but at least he sang a song about some asshole slapping around his old lady and her finally shooting him. Now that's country. Or possibly hip hop. Wow, Garth really is a crossover artist.

I actually came across people from that country station doing a remote at an event. I told them to play some Merle Haggard. They told they couldn't do that. What the hell kinda country station is that? Well, they might not be able to, but I sure can.

Take THAT, Eagle 97.

Alright, there's a townhouse that needs painting, and it isn't mine, so I better get going. Word to your mothers and I'll see y'all Sunday.

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Paul said...

I loved that Batgirl and I finally see what you've been saying about Bryan Miller. That book was great! The help of Paul Cornell made it even better. I love the Merle Haggard. I am a big fan of old country.