Musical Marvel Mummy Marriage!

Hoo Doggies, its Wendesday, August 4, 2010, and I feel awful. Stoopid sinuses. Yet, still I blog! For justice! For honor! For... um... well really I'm not terribly sure.

But dammit, here it is!


I've talked about the DCU Trinity in the past, but Marvel does indeed have a Trinity of their own. For those who don't feel like reading the previous entry: a
'trinity' in a superhero genre continuity is a trio of character representing the three main elements of the genre. Those elements being science fiction, mythology, and humanity. The DCU Trinity are easily recognized as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Let's go across the aisle.

Back in the late 1930s when modern Superheroes were first coming on the seen Marvel (which was then Timely Comics) introduced their own heroes, and sure enough their big three made up their Trinity. This was not deliberate. It just happened that way. Call it serendipity or fate, but the balance of these characters struck just right. There are Captain America, The Sub-Mariner, and The Human Torch. It should be noted that the Human Torch of this period was not Johnny Storm whom most of us know as a member of the Fantastic Four. He was an android who looked human but burst into flames. The Torch was the science fiction factor. Sub-Mariner, hailing from the lost city of Atlantis, represented mythology. Finally we had Captain America, our human factor.

The main difference in the trinities of DC and Marvel is that DC's has stayed the same since it's inception. Marvel's changed. The Silver Age of comics treated the two companies very differently. DC was creating new characters, but their big hits were new versions of Golden Age characters. Meanwhile over at Marvel, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby seemed to come up with new ideas and character every hour. It is very arguable that marvel was the stronger of the two companies at that time. From the many characters created, two of them would join one of the original Timely Trinity to form the modern Marvel Trinity.

These characters are Ironman, Thor, and Captain America.

Cap retains his niche as the representative of the human factor. Thor is a no-brainer. You want mythology represented? Here's the Norse God of Thunder! Ironman rounds out the Trinity as the science fiction representative. A case could be made for Doctor Strange or Mister Fantastic being reasonable candidates. However Thor is a direct link to old real world mythology with actual historic significance, and Ironman has been a character able to stand apart from a team on his own merits. Mister Fantastic works best with the Fantastic Four.

The significance of these three has not translated directly into popularity. The three most popular Marvel characters are Spider-man, The Hulk, and Wolverine. Each of them has already had their own feature film as well as been featured on television, video games, and toy lines. Now note which characters are getting the big push in the theaters now. Ironman is a big hit at the box office. Thor and Cap are on their way. Right now the Marvel Trinity is getting a heavy push and in the minds of many are leaving the DC trinity in the dust.

I'm still a DC guy at heart, but you've got to give characters their due. The next few years as far as pop culture it's going to be Marvel's Universe and we'll be eating popcorn in it.


Big wedding over the weekend. No, not the Clinton thing! I mean people that matter! Because even on the most important day of two people's lives its still all about Batman. I would like to go on record as saying these people are nuts and no I would not even attempt such a thing, although we did try to put Batman and Wonder Woman action figures on the cake as a cake topper. And we did want to enter the reception to the Imperial March from Star Wars.

But yeah, there it is. I know there's been plenty of kooky themed weddings. I can certainly imagine someone I know having a Supergirl wedding gown and making whoever the lucky fella is she lands wear a blond wig and green body paint for the ceremony. Its pretty out there and certainly not my bag. I didn't wear leather and spandex for the honeymoon, so I certainly wasn't going to wear it for the wedding.

I'm sure there's someone out there all outraged by this saying its making a mockery of the sanctity of marriage, but its not. If you want that you just watch Entertainment Tonight to see who has married and divorced each other inside of a week. This was a wedding. Its different. A marriage is the bond between two people who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. A wedding is the public display sharing that bond with others. These two folks liked to get their geek on. Their friends liked to get their geek on. So, yeah its nuts, but really its pretty appropriate.

Good luck to the pair of them.


Japan is having some difficulty finding its old folks. They tried to find the oldest woman living there and her address ended up being an empty lot. That's a little weird, but it gets whole lot weirder when they tried to find their oldest man.

They entered his apartment only to find him dead. Sounds sad, but HE HAD BEEN DEAD FOR OVER 30 YEARS! In his apartment, mummified for about 32 years at best estimate! Wrap your head around this for a moment. Someone paid the rent on his apartment. They paid the bills for the utilities, which I can't imagine would be much since poor old Mummy-man wouldn't be running up much of an electric or water bill. This is just creepy. The situation is being investigated now, but I suspect that old Mummy-man must have had one hell of a pension.


Was digging through things during my adventures in house cleaning and came across the sound track to the old flick "The Zero Effect". Time for some Elvis!

That's all for today. See you Friday. Don't let the Japanese Mummy-man get ya.


Linda said...

I so would not make a guy dress up in green paint for a wedding!

I've already made it clear I want to get married in Las Vegas by Elvis someday.

Marty Nozz said...

Yeah, but after you read it you thought about for a minute. All the bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed up as Legionnaires. You could still do it in Vegas with Elvis presiding! Heck, you could get Jim Shooter to dress as Elvis and do it!