Pass the dramamine.

Yep, its Friday, August 13, 2010. That's right, Friday the 13th. I'm going to make this brief because I have to go find my machete and hockey mask.


Flying car! Flying car! Flying freaking car!!! It's a car!! It flies!! It's a flying car!!!

Its about damn time! In fact, there hasn't been such an about damn time moment since they finally got swords on Gaiaonline.


OK, flying sucks, we all know it. I can't stand flying. I didn't like flying before flying officially sucked and I certainly don't like it now. However, even though I really hate flying, that's not reason to act surly to the employees that are working hard to get us from one place to another.

So, when a flight attendant got fed up after a passenger got out of their seat when they weren't supposed to and had some seriously choice words for the poor guy trying to do his job, I had sympathy for the flight attendant. Just yesterday I hear a guy be a complete asshole to the guy behind the counter at Arby's because the person working the drive though didn't put sauce packets in his bag. Recently I heard a guy be a complete douche and make sexist comments to a waitress even though he ordered the wrong thing on the menu. I've had stuff get screwed up, and as long as the person I'm dealing with is courteous I return the favor. Do your best to treat me right, and I'll do my best to treat you right.

So, the passenger was obvious a scumbag. But did that warrant the flight attendant to announce he had had enough over the plane's PA system, grab a beer off the beverage cart, and made his escape via the plane's inflatable emergency exit slide? I don't know, but he certainly gets style points.

Some folks say the guy is a cautionary tale about losing your cool in the work place since as of this writing he's currently in jail. Others think he's a hero to the point that songs are being written about him.

What do I think?

I think people need to start being more civil to one another. Sure, the customer is always right, but that's no excuse for the customer to be an asshole. And yeah, that customer you have to deal with at your work may drive you completely nuts, but its just a job and at the end of the day you get to go home and play Nintendo. I'm a jerk, but I'm not a jerk to the people who are waiting on me. Sure, I might ask if they take Alaskan money, but I'm not a complete dick if they forget that Alaska is indeed part of America and I'm not trying to pay with whale blubber.

So, just be nice. You'll be surprised how far it can get you.


This review is goin' out to the all the ladies. Well, its reviewing a bunch of them anyhow.

I was very torn over my read of the week, but finally I went with BATGIRL #13. Yes, I am aware that BIRDS OF PREY came out this week, and yes I did get my copy. Settle down, I'll get to it.

BATGIRL was amazingly solid this go around. It was hyped as being the "fun" Bat-book, and it lived up to the hype. The last storyline was a bit too creepy and had some really disturbing stuff in there, which is fine, but not really fitting into the "fun" category. This time around the creepiness is fairly minimal, well, as minimal as things get when you're fighting Clayface. But the book hit all the right marks. It was funny and clever. Batgirl was extremely likable. This issue also helped define the working relationship with her and Proxy. Also its nice to get a stand alone story after a big epicy epic thingie.

We also get a few insights into Dectective McStudboy aka Nick Gage. His history is showing a little bit. I'm hoping that this is just going to lead to a reveal that he's a widower and not turn into something weird and creepy that he's keeping her body preserved in his den. He's a really likable character, and while I'm not shipping a romantic bit with Steph, he's a lot of fun to have around.

And for those of you wanting a BIRDS OF PREY #4 and are wondering why this wasn't my read of the week, well there's one main reason: I want Nicola Scott back on this book. I'll give Benes credit, he did an admirable job with the fight scene and managed to get through it without a ridiculously exploitative ass shot. I'm just not a fan of his, and I love Nicola Scott. Also, can Huntress have a costume without and "ab-hole" please. I know its not as ridiculous as a "boob hole" on a costume, but it was obvious in the earlier issues that Benes (again to his credit) actually had a full top on here and colorist added the ab-hole. The story itself was great. A lot of things came to a head. White Canary's identity was revealed. Black Canary was completely awesome. I do imagine the douchebag moderator over at Scans Daily responsible for the previous flap about the book will have kittens over the Savant stuff, but he's a dope so the heck with him. For the record I want it known that I guessed who White Canary was two issues ago.

No. Seriously.

Shut up.

Rounding out my reading this week was ZATANNA #4 because I had not met my quota of fishnets this week. This book was education. See, I didn't know fire demons from hell wore fire bikinis. That's information a fella needs. I mean, how silly would i like if the fire demons in my short stories were wearing fire pants suits thus creating a hellish fashion blunder. This was another fun read. There's action, humor, and Zee turning skanky girls who mistake her for a cocktail waitress into birds. Also the Royal Flush Gang impersonating the Rat Pack was genius touch by Dini. Solid read.


Keeping with some country this week, I am going really old school, and if any of you are wondering how Hank Williams covered a George Thorogood song the answer is simple: time travel.

OK, maybe this wasn't so brief. See y'all Sunday. If you've got any well wishes to spare, we could use some sent this way.


Anonymous said...

This morning I heard that the flight attendant actually started the entire altercation. He does get style points, but those don't help you as much as a pack of cigarettes would where he's cooling his jets these days.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to that BOP issue! I forgot it shipped this week!

Crushling said...

Also this explains Oni's recent "OMG BATGIRL" mentions. Man I need to try digging back into comics.

The most frequent thing I've heard about the flight attendant seems to be "I would totally go drinking with that guy." So whenever he does get out, if the public memory hasn't already washed over and past him, he's got his bar tab covered for a while.

Anonymous said...

IS that thing DOT approved? Good luck parking it. Does it take premium? Any way the guy that made that has to much time on his hands just like people commenting on blogs. BOOYA!!!

Anonymous said...

Its about time a woman was eaten by chocolate... sweet revenge. Must be its time of the month!!!

Marty Nozz said...

@Pastrami - Yeah, flight attendant guy is probably going to be cooling his heel for a while, and BOP was pretty decent this week. Great to have that series back.

@Crushling - I'll bet he's forgotten by the time he's back out. Batgirl has been a little hit or miss, but this issue was a definite hit.

@Anonymous #1 - Not only is it DOT approved but it'll fit in a garage. And yes it does take premium. Got a link to the company that makes them in the article. Gives all the specs.

@Anonymous #2 - If that was choclate, Clayface would have a whole new fanbase.

@all - Nice to know folks are actually still reading this. Thanks, gang.

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