In Space You Could Hear Black Canary Scream

Criminitly, it's Sunday, August 8, 2010, and I dreamed I lost three followers last night. That's the sort of dream that can spur you to action. that's the sort of dream that makes a blogger bound out of bed ready to attack a keyboard ready to prove his e-worth to the e-world!

However, I had just washed the bedsheets last night and sleeping in nice, freshly cleaned sheets kept me in about an hours longer than usual.

Blame the Snuggle Bear.


When you're a kid and a sci-fi nerd you look to future and think about what its going to be like with people living out in space. The possibility of people colonizing other planets in your lifetime is a dream you hope to see realized. It certainly was for me. When I was a kid we had movies and about the future and that future was now. We were supposed to be making alien contact this year if we're to believe Hollywood's timetable. Of course there are people who think they've already been making contact with us and the truth is out there. Somewhere.

Last Thursday, The Mike and Bob Show spoke with Buzz Aldrin. The interview was alright, and it was obvious that Aldrin had his agenda to get out there, and that's fine. While the interview isn't the most fun one the guys have done (due to no fault of theirs) one very interesting thing was brought up.

Aldrin said one of the moons of Mars should be colonized by 2035. That's plenty to get my nerdy attention. One of the guys who landed on the moon said we should be heading to other planets and relatively soon. He spoke a bit of the new space race with China and India. He, of course, wants the United States to be at the forefront of space exploration and colonization. Now, I don't know if this is going to happen or not, especially with a Government that currently hasn't got a clue as to fixing the countries economy and making America as great as it once was, and worse, seems not to want to. But that's the great thing about the future: it allows us to dream. It gives us hope. Not bullshit hope from campaign speeches. Real hope, from real people who want to work to make their tomorrows and the tomorrows of world something really special.

Heading to Mars inside of 25 years. Plausible or not, it makes me excited.


With Wonder Woman currently being occupied with having a writer on board who is busy crapping all over everything that makes the character great in an effort which seems to be to make fan realize how good they used to have it, someone has to step up and be the interim first lady of DC Comics. And that person is The Black Canary. Those of you doubting her qualifications clearly need to be educated, and that's why you've got guys like me around around. So why is Black Canary the new first lady of DC?

Black Canary could take down Captain America without breaking a nail.

Black Canary could make Superman stop walking around being a douche and make him go home to cook his wife dinner and give her a foot rub.

Black Canary could retcon herself to be either her mother or her daughter. Its her choice.

Black Canary could use 141 characters on Twitter.

Black Canary could restore Pluto's status as a planet while proving Triceratops did exist.

Black Canary could make Green Arrow cos-play as Hawkman.

Black Canary could roundhouse kick a hundred ninjas without getting a tear in her fishnets.

Black Canary could defrost all the women in the refrigerator and make Batman cook dinner.

Black Canary could out-Chuck Chuck Norris.

Black Canary could out-scream every opera singer and porn star put together.

Black Canary could win Survivor, So You Think you Can Dance, and Master Chef simultaneously.

Black Canary could get away with being neither black nor an actual canary without worry of fraud litigation.

Black canary could have her own movie if there as an actress awesome enough to play her properly.

Black Canary could crush her enemies, see them driven before her, and hear the lamentation of their fanboys.

Moral of the story: don't cross Black Canary because Black Canary could do a lot of things to you that you wouldn't like.

Any questions?


Wrapping up our week of Elvis Costello. Here's one of his big ones.

That's it for Sunday. Over in my link list I've got a link to my Google Buzz account to hit that up. I started another Tourney this morning and its got Giant Robots.

Who doesn't love Giant Robots?

Commies. That's who.

Don't be a Commie.

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