Things I'm watching and things I'm not

Stone me. Its Friday, August 27, 2010 and there's a distinct lack of comics in here for a Friday. This would be because I have not gotten my comics this week. Yes, I know, I'm a bad little nerd, however payday is today and I'll have some reviews for y'all on Sunday.


Last time I tossed in a link to a news story about people who were just addicted to cable. One guy tried to go a year without cable relying on the internet to see the shows he liked. Ultimately after that year he went back and got cable again. As I said in that article, I don't have cable and haven't had cable for years. In fact it was only recently that I've been able to watch CBS. That's right, I've missed season upon season of SURVIVOR and BIG BROTHER. And yet, I've found myself able to function in society. Just fascinating.

Does this mean that I use the internet to see TV shows that I can't watch due to my lack of cable? Nope. There's just too many funny cat videos on YouTube so I just don't have the time. That's right, I've never seen THE SHIELD, THE WIRE, RESCUE ME, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, BREAKING BAD, or DEXTER. Well, I have seen BATTLESTAR GALACTICA but it was the version with Face from THE A-TEAM on it. So, all the TV shows that people talk about, I ain't seen 'em. And I don't care to either. I've got enough to watch without them.

And its not just TV. Ask an iPhone user 'what would they do without their iPhone'. I had a Blackberry for a while. It was too much phone and too big a bill. That $25 bucks a month for internet on my phone could buy a few comics instead. It was useful on occasion, but ultimately unnecessary.

Communications technology has snowballed faster than our other tech. I can answer the question 'what did you do before cell phones'. Some people can't. There's a generation coming up that has no clue about life before cell phones. But then, there were countless generations before me that had no clue about life with indoor plumbing.

But there's a bit of a difference between technology that's practical and useful, and something that's just there to entertain you. People think they're slick dumping cable to watch shows online, well, you're still paying money aren't you? Take how much it costs for a good fast internet connection, plus the fees for the sites that let you watch what you want to watch. Compare that to your cable bill. How much money are you really saving?

And it doesn't really matter how much you pay, you're still looking at a blank screen when the lights go out.

There you have it: a lecture about TV addition from a guy going through the DTs because he hasn't gotten his comic fix this week.


A few cool things popped up this week. The SCOTT PILGRIM movie may have flopped at the box office, but it did spawn something that quite a bit of fun.

Second up is the second episode of Black Box TV starring YouTube darling and professional cute girl iJustine. Go over there and watch it. YouTube has a ton of comedy videos on it, but there's a serious lack of good, creepy storytelling. So, this project needs some support.


Sticking with some Superhero themed rock this week. There's no need to fear...

That's a whole nine yards for today. See you Sunday when I'll hopefully have my act together. I wouldn't put money on that though.


Anonymous said...

That is an S-Video cable not RG6 or
RG59 with an F type connector that you get your cable TV through. Well you do use it for video. My kids will never know how to tune an antenna to watch TV. Nor experience Hispeed dubbing!!!

Anonymous said...

Just trying to be helpful here-but if you ever DO decide you can't go another day without watching any of those new shows, and you still want to pay nothing-check out your local library. My library has/has access to most of those shows.

Great post, thanks for SP V Matrix!


Marty Nozz said...

@Brother Anon - If you want the kids to learn how to tune a TV antenna, bring 'em by the house. We still use the rabbot ears. It works tons better than the piece of crap digital antenna (which looked like a plastic coaster) they sold me at Best Buy.

@Pastrami - A lot of people over look how much awesome stuff is available at the local library. Great tip.