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Great shades of Elvis, its Friday, August 6, 2010 and its hotter than Eva Mendes's Sex Tape out there. That's plenty of reason to stay inside on a computer, and hey while you're here...


It was a light week but a good one for me this week.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #19 was my read of the week. "The Sons of Brainiac" story continues taking the concept of dysfunctional families to a whole new level. DC has a few writers that are a bit under the radar, but continue to turn out really solid work and Tony Bedard is definitely one of them. This book has always featured a buffet of space characters that haven't gotten a lot of love in the rest of the DCU. It also has managed to pick up pieces from big events in other books and work them seamlessly into the narrative making it a continuity lovefest. Even with a giant war with Starro the Conqueror going on it got some sweet splashover from the otherwise dumb Hal Jordan and the Techni-color dance Party-a-go-go (known to most as "Blackest Night") in the form of Brainiac II getting a Yellow Power Ring for a bit. Bedard made it work beautifully. In this story he picks up from the giant "New Krypton" that just wrapped up in the SUPERMAN books and sets the House of Dox against each other in an all out war.

And this battle is freaking slick. Even with stuff blowing up all over the place the three Brainiacs are going all out trying to outmaneuver and out-manipulate not only each other but every one around them. This book is pure fun for a sci-fi lovers.

We go from deep space to the Old West in SECRET SIX #24. This seems to be a weird Elseworlds Western tale dropping the team in Old West. This came out of nowhere. We have Old West versions of the team but also others like Deathstroke and the Trigger Twins. Looks like a stand alone issue and not sure if its going to have anything to do with anything. Still, its a fun book and a really bloody one. Instead of sitting around and wondering what all that was about, I think we're better off just enjoying the weirdness.

Hey, speaking of weird, HELLBOY; THE STORM #2 hit this week featuring more Arthurian Legend running straight into ancient legends of mysticism and fairy folk with our favorite red paranormal investigator stuck right in the middle. Oh and there's a giant, armored, spear-toting hedgehog. Big fight, weird stuff, things get creepier and creepier. Pretty much everything you're going to want in a HELLBOY comic.


Not my home this time, which really sucks considering the finds. Recently copies of BATMAN #1 and ACTION COMICS #1 were found in a couple of homes. The Batman comic was found in Fairbanks, Alaska which is significant because the weather up there aided in the preservation of the comic and its in pretty good shape. The much cooler story is the ACTION COMICS one because the it was found by a family whose house was being foreclosed on in their basement. So, Superman saved their home.

Yep, Superman can indeed tackle "real life" problems and not be a douche about it. Take that, JMS.


INCEPTION is still doing quite well at the box office and I've been told to go see it, meaning that I'll be waiting until it goes to DVD. I hate it when people tell me to go see a movie. Like there's something wrong with me for not seeing the movie. But its still less annoying than AVATAR.


There's a little problem with the movie in that the director of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS saw it and discovered that some of what he was doing in his movie looked a lot like what was going on in the movie he was watching. So, he's going back and making changes so he won't be accused of ripping off INCEPTION. That's pretty cool of him. He wants his viewers to see something different on the scene and doesn't want to draw comparisons with a movie that's already a hit. Its the reverse of the late 90 when every other movie was "like The Matrix", even if it was really nothing like The Matrix.

Of course no one was really being ripped off here. Creative people can come up with similar ideas independently. Happens a lot actually, but the advantage always goes to the person who gets their stuff out first.

As for INCEPTION, I've no urge to go see it, because I read the book and I doubt the movie could be as good.


Seems I'm not the only person fed up with 3D movies. That's right, while a lot of people have been all excited and claiming this was the future of movies I've been saying all along "its just a fad". It came around before, it will come around again, but its a novelty. That's it. Its a novelty and I want none of it and I'm not alone. So, don't expect everything in the theaters to be 3D (Thank God) and if you do like 3D I say enjoy it while its around this time.

In fact you only have a few months left to enjoy it because its going to be going away for a long time after next February. What happens next February, you ask? The Justin Bieber bio-pic IN 3D! If THAT ain't a shark getting jumped I don't know what is.


I was trying to find songs from THE ZERO EFFECT sound track to put on here and its been insane. Trying to get those songs to share on here is damn near impossible for this e-troglodyte. So screw it. I started with some Elvis Costello, and I'll stick with some Elvis Costello.

That's a wrap for today. Enjoy your weekend and come on back Sunday for more fun and adventure. Also, I'm considering doing a Twitter contest once I get at least ten followers, so hit me up on there if you want and we'll have a good time.

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