Fashionable Fighting Fanatics

Zounds! It's Wednesday, August 18, 2010 and I've discovered that if you put a ton of pictures in your posts you don't have to write as much but it gives the illusion that you're actually doing stuff.


It you haven't heard about it then you haven't been paying attention. There's a Muslim community center that proposed to be near the site of the 9/11 attacks in new York City and that community center is to contain a mosque. This obviously has a lot of people really pissed, and the media has not helped matters by repeatedly referring to it as the "Ground Zero Mosque". It gives the impression that the plans are to build a mosque right where the twin towers used to be, but that's not really the plan.

But media stupidity aside, this is screwed up on a few levels. The one that's really striking to me is that there was a church that was destroyed in the attack. It was a Greek Orthodox Church that still has not been rebuilt due bureaucratic crap, but while that church is stuck in limbo, this other project has folks bending over backwards to make it happen. See, no one wants to be perceived as slighting Muslims, even if that means slighting another group to do it. So fairness kinda flew out the window.

Does the group have the right to build that building? Yes, as long as they file everything appropriately and adhere to the proper codes and standards, then there's nothing to stop them. The project has gotten support from our Pop-Star-in-Chief Obama and Hamas. One of those two don't like America very much. That's a low estimate. However all Muslims don't support the project saying this is "mischief making" and that goes against the teaching in the Koran. It wouldn't be the first time a group or individual has used the Freedoms here in America to hide behind being an inflammatory gaggle of douchebags. Need examples? See the Westboro Baptist Church and the idiots behind and participating in Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.

This whole thing stinks of someone counting coup. Follow the money. There's some shadiness afoot.


A church here locally is going to be holding a mixed martial arts event to raise money. Brilliant idea, but of course there's folks ticked off by it. Good thing they don't come by the church we work out in. For those slow on the uptake: combat sports are not the road to hell. I say this a guy who has sat next to a preacher watching UFC over at my cousin's house. Mixed martial arts is growing leaps and bounds in popularity. What was once a side show is now in the mainstream.

Engaging in martial arts, be it karate, wrestling, boxing, or MMA does not make anyone less of a Christian. Its a sport. There are rules. This isn't street fighting. I'm not going to say its for everyone, because its not. However those saying that this is the work of the devil and not very Christian-like need to go soak their heads.

Jacob wrestled an angel.


A while back I threw down a little redesign action on some of the Legion of Super-Heroes costumes, because somebody really needed to. But the Legion aren't the only characters that have had costume woes. There's lots of things that have just been bad juju in the super-fashion, and here's some real stinkers.

10: The low cut. I appreciate cleavage as much as the next guy, but when it gets to the point of 'how does it stay in place' or 'how are they not popping out' then it's gone too far.

And don't go thinking that the ladies are the only ones guilty of this!

9: Sunglasses. Because nothing says "I'm cool and hip" like a superhero who wears sunglasses as part of their costume. Of course these will prevent anyone from figuring out their secret identity. Especially if their secret identity is lame, because lame people couldn't possibly be cool enough to wear sunglasses to a super fight.

8: Shoulder Pads.
Yeah. I think we can safely blame Rob Leifeld for this one. The giant shoulder pads are pretty much a failure, especially when they're so big it compromises arm movement. Note: SuperPro gets a pass on this one.

7: Spikes. Yes, I know spikes on a costume are the best way to let people know that this character is HaRdCoRe... or excessively emo, take your pick. However, if you can't save a hostage without fear of putting their eye out, then you have a problem.

6: Pouches. I know having a few on a utility belt or something is handy for carrying spare cash, a wallet and your keys to your superhero mobile, but there's a line as to how much is too much. If your don't have to worry about body armor because the pouches are enough to stop small arms fire, then you've gone too far.

5: The Ab Hole.
Because it is vital to the character that readers know if they are an innie or an outie.

4: The Ridiculously Long Cape. Artistic license is awesome and all that, but when it can double as a parachute... well... you get the picture.

3: Spike Heels I don't know how on Earth women walk in them, much less fight crime. The Flash agrees. And he's awesome. Geoff Johns says so.

2: The Battle Thong. And you bastards need to all get down on your knees and thank the e-Gods that I couldn't find pics from Jim Lee's X-Men run in which the entire team rocked the battle thong. Yes, that includes Wolverine.

1: The Boob Hole. Behold the distraction. Let's take a key target on the body and give it absolutely no protection whatsoever. Sounds like a winner. The only character that can get away with this is Power Girl. Not due to cup size, but due to those monsters being bulletproof.


There's a very special birthday around this time of the year. Loyal supporter, confederate, and my sister from another mister, Linda. She likes the Muppets a bit, because they're awesome and so is she, so this week, prepare for some Muppets!

That's the whole nine yards for today. Should be back Friday as usual. Y'all come back now. Y'hear?


Anonymous said...

I say help them build it then CRASH A PLANE FULL OF JIHADIS INTO IT!!! Make it look like the Pentagon from the air.
They can build it after everything is rebuilt including Churches, i dont meen the chicken place.

Anonymous said...

MA saves lives and arranges early judgment for the unrepentant. I think all Christians should be trained in combatives. Equipt yourself with the tools you need to desciple the world and protect the inocent. I pack a big Bible and I aint afraid to use it!!!