TV rumblings

Caught episodes of SUPERNATURAL and GLEE that I had missed the first time round. What I love about SUPERNATURAL is that even with episodes like this one (Where Sam and Dean get stuck at a nerd prom) and the TV episode where its totally hysterical and silly the situation they're in the overall season plot still gets advanced in an intelligent manner. GLEE, which is the most glorious of intentional train wrecks, actually took some time to make me legitimately give a damn about the characters, including the amazingly eeeeevil Sue Sylvester.

DOLLHOUSE is wrapping things up, and like with Joss Whedon's previous series ANGEL the end is getting build as a fevered pitch. There's a ton of twists and turns and betrayals that I completely did not see coming. If you haven't been keeping up with the show, don't just jump in. You'll be completely confused. Get the DVDs or watch it on Hulu.

I'm seriously considering watching the premier of LIFE UNEXPECTED for the same reason that I bought issue #1 of FLASH: REBIRTH. Yes it's bad reviewing to go into something with a heavy agenda or bias, but I'm wanting to gut it like a fish.

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