Go Go Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

In my little fit of nostalgia I've been enjoying old episodes of MIGHTY MORPHING POWER RANGERS which has been showing on ABC on Saturdays. Yeah, this series is over 15 years old. It was cheesy even when it was new. However, for some weird reason the show has been edited to now include visual sound effects not unlike those seen on the old Adam West BATMAN series.

Why? What possible point is there to this, and the other little lame "touch-ups" they've added. Those weren't there when the show first aired. It doesn't add anything to the show for camp value.

Yes, the original series is quite a bit dated. The production on the newer series is vastly improved. The fight choreography, wire work and special effects are all exponentially better. The writing is better. The old series is the purest of fluff. Its impossible to take seriously at all, but I still like it. Its brought me many students over the years.

Today for instance. I see the girl flipping. I don't need to see the word "flip" in bright letters on my TV screen. That's insulting to elementary school students. Yet the show be in all its campy badness.

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