Me nom nom pizza

Like the majority of right minded thinking folks, I like pizza. I keep it simple usually. Give me a regular cheese pizza and I'm happy. I usually go Hawaiian style with ham and pineapple. I'm also a big fan of Papa John's as far as the major pizza chains go. Sure there's some local places like Doughboy's, Kogan's and Delvecchio's that are great, but none of them deliver to my house. I'm OK with most of the chain places. Although if i eat too much Pizza Hut I don't feel so hot later. I usually go for their pasta which is really good.

Watching my good friend and adviser TV la week or two ago I saw an ad for Dominio's which showed the executives watching footage from taste tests and the like. Dominio's kind of gets a bad rap, and the complaints I hear from people about them are exactly the same as the one that were in the ad. I don't have a problem with Dominio's. That was where I'd grab a pizza from if i was picking up one for the family after school. No one delivers out to the old neighborhood. However, Papa John's made a tastier pizza and had those great dipping sauces so when they hit town I converted.

In the ad the executives gave their responses to the feedback they got. No excuses. No spin. No crap. They said it hurt to hear that about their product. That's good, it means they give a damn. Then they said they were going to do something about it. The big differences were going to be spicing up the sauce a big and adding a butter garlic bit to the crust. They also were offering a special on two, two-topping pizzas and a money back offer.

Last night was time to see what was up. I called the Dominio's around the corner and told the fella I was talking to that I had seen the ad. He said the changes were indeed already in effect, the deal being offered was being offered at that branch and that the new pizzas were "Goooood". He sounded pretty sincere about that last bit. It always helps in selling your product if you actually like your product.

The food arrived, the village rejoiced as we were quite hungry. We got a sausage and peperoni pizza as well as a ham and pineapple. The sauce did indeed have a bit more kick to it. I have a bit of a cold but even I could tell. The Missus (whose sense of taste remains intact as she isn't sick) was very impressed with the sauce. What got me was crust. Very flavorful, and very tasty. That was a big win for me. It had me eager to finish the main part of pizza just to get to the crust.

There you have it. The results of what happens when a company takes an honest look at constructive criticism and really cares about its product. Food is like any art, you don't get your best criticism from people who like you. I might just be converting back to Dominio's from here on out. And while you all chew on this information, I'll be chewing on some leftovers.

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