Pathetic fandom

AVATAR causes depression. This is out and out pitiful. Yes, these people need help. Its because they are idiots. They're getting bent out of shape because life isn't like a movie.


I got bit by a spider and didn't get super powers. I dealt with it.

Yes this is an insensitive response to people would are having thoughts of suicide. They need medication or something. They are feeling these things because reality isn't as great as the movies. The vibrant and wonderful world depicted in the BATTLE FOR TERRA remix is so glorious that they can't cope with real world anymore. I could understand if it was one lone pathetic soul, but there's forums getting loaded up with this stupidity.

It's a movie. Its another in a long line of crap from holier than thou filmmakers and producers depicting the human race as conquering, morally bankrupt assholes. "Behold! This is our future unless we stop advancing our society and start hugging trees!"

Yeah, life isn't like the movies and most likely its not going to turn out the way you always hoped it would. Get a helmet, suck it up, and deal.

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