Human Target

Mark Valley and Chi McBride are well worth the price of admission. It's cool bodyguard stuff and based off of an old DC Comics character. (The character first appeared in and old SUPERMAN comic) In the comics and in the old TV series on ABC starring Rick Springfield, the main character Christopher Chance would use is abilities as an actor and master of disguise to impersonate the people he's protecting, thus becoming a human target. Well, that angle got dropped in favor of straight bodyguard work with an emphasis on problem identification and solving. Got a ton of action in there as well.

I like it. It's fun TV. I also like that in the last episode instead of having the female characters on there portray hapless damsels for our heroes to save they ended up being competent, and very important to the story. Nice little bait-and-switches going on.

Check it out on Fox. Right now it's the best mid-season show I've caught.

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