The Ladies be Fightin' Crime, Yo.

Aw yeah, haircut! Its Friday, April 22, 2011, I look great, and this is The Side.
bieng about six months overdue for a haircut I finally managed to eek out a little time to get into a little chain hair-cuttin' type place. After getting the junk from work shampooed out of my hair, the lady asked me how I wanted my hair cut.

"I need a hair cut that says 'millionaire playboy by day, crimefighter by night'. Give me... "The Bruce Wayne".

That's all she needed to know. Best haircut I ever got.


I'm starting off with ZATANNA #12 this week. Matthew Sturges takes the reigns from Paul Dini, and before some of the hardcore Diniphiles begin with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, relax, this was a great issue. Zee takes on a new villain, Backslash, who kills mythic creatures, eats bad fast food, and is a complete jerk. Oh , he can also move time backwards for short spans completely nullifying Zee's powers. Not good for our fishnet clad neroine. So how can she defeat this guy? Fun with the English language! If you haven't been picking up this book, this is a great stand alone story to give it a shot. And if you need more tempting, there's gorgeous art by Stephane Roux to further tempt you.

SUPERGIRL #63 continues the "Good Looking Corpse" storyline and it looks like the final secret of Alex is revealed. I've been a little tepid on this story. Its fine, but I didn't think it was good to have so many guest stars in a creative team's lead off story for their run. Looking back over the last few issues and seeing how they slowly let more and more information out about Alex in such a controlled manner I have to give them props. Its been well paced, and the use of guest stars Robin, Blue beetle, and Miss Martian haven't overshadowed Supergirl's role in the book. I was worried it was going to turn into "Titans: Metropolis", but it hasn't. This is still Supergirl's book and the guests are handled well. I did get word that this book is going to have another shift in creative teams, but I'm not sure if its permanent. Probably has something to do with DC losing Nick Spencer to Marvel. It has taught me not to gripe about artists who are attached to a book. I wasn't super thrilled with Bernard Chang on the book, but once I found out the next artist is going to be ChrisCross I wanted to beg Chang to stay.

TEEN TITANS #94 was pretty good stuff. The team travels to another dimension to try to save Wonder Girl and her mother as well as find Solstice's parents. This story is teetering on a few complains I've had about previous Titan runs. Raven hasn't taken the problem spotlight, but it seems she has an adverse reaction to Solstice's presence. I don't really like having Raven in the center of things as its been done to death, but its not the main focus of the story. Combine that with me not having seen two heroes whose powers adversely affect each other in each others presence since Firestorm and Captain Atom way back when, and I can live with it. Also it looks like the formula of having one team member in trouble and the rest rushing to help is starting to rear its head. However, that's not completely the case as the team was summoned for help by Wonder Girl's mother and has gotten into it with serious opposition. As for this opposition its pretty nice to see Indian Mythology used in a story. There's an in story jab about how often Greek Mythology is used, and that's a pretty good point. This is an alright read.

To wrap things up, we're thinking pink with TINY TITANS #39. A bunch of super capes get tossed in the laundry at Wayne Mansion and everyone's costume comes out pink. Hilarity ensues. Fun issue. Probably the most pink I've ever seen in one comic. Great for young readers, or anyone who wants a lighter change of pace.


She's had it up to... where?

That's the ball game for me. I'll see y'all Sunday. Don't get any on ya.

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