Going to H3ll Once in a Lifetime

Hello, Sinners! Its Friday, April 8, 2011, my soul is black, but that's from the spray paint, and this is The Side. Not as much stuff I'd like today as i was without internet for a good portion of yesterday. Of course it comes back on the instant we called tech support. The internet is a wily thing.

But its back now and has informed me that George Lucas's daughter has an MMA fight this weekend. This is the first that I'd heard that she did mixed martial arts, but when your daddy creates and then craps all over one of the most beloved sci-fi franchises of all time I figure you've got to learn to fight and quick.

The creation of Jar Jar Binks alone must have lead plenty of knuckles being thrown.


SECRET SIX #32 takes us straight to Hell where we find Ragdoll leading an infernal army. Its the Secret Six versus the Secret Six-Sixty-Six, although with that many demons it would be kinda hard to keep them a secret. Ragdoll has indeed been made a prince in Hell after its revealed that he has no soul, which I find hard to believe because I understand he plays the blues better than any other bandy villain. The rest of the team have gone after him to pull him out only to discover that he doesn't want to leave. Scandal is after the "get Out of Hell Free' card from an earlier story arc so she can rescue her deceased lover, Knockout. It wouldn't be SECRET SIX without members turning on each other and bloody battles ensuing. Deftly written by Gail Simone this story is one that just as you've think you've got everything in place on your mental chessboard you realize not all the pieces are there yet. Well worth the read.

THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER #1 is the latest offering from Primal Paper, and is created by Vince White. The story involves time travel, mad science experiments going wrong, and the highest achievement of man (as according to Al Bundy) high school football. The story has a very Marvel Silver Age feel to it. Its the kind of concept I would expect to come from Stan Lee with the young athlete whose father just happens to be a brilliant scientist and inventor. It does have an interesting twist in that young Will doesn't receive superpowers instead the world around him is weakened. Everything has become less dense, which of course sends my science brain into a tizzy figuring effects concerning gravity and the like. I'm sure this'll all be delved into later. The writing is good with enough interesting twists here and there to make me want to keep reading. White cracks open enough doors that I want to peek in and see what's really going on. His stylized art gives the story plenty of character. All and all, this was a very enjoyable first issue.


Do the arm chop! DO IT!!!

That's the whole ball of infernal wax for today. I'm going to go watch a bunch of SUPERNATERAL episodes, just to calm my nerves. See y'all Sunday.

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