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HAPPY EASTER!! Its Sunday, April 24, 2011, its a day for new beginnings, and this is The Side. Funny how things work out. The guys I'm talking about have risen from the radio graveyard to start something new. They didn't conquer death like a certain fella that I'm a big fan of did a couple thousand years ago, but in their own way they're showing that The End doesn't always have to be the end. The End can be the beginning of something really great.


I wrote last week about my buddy Bob getting the raw end of the stick due to Arbitron handing out flawed data. Here's the thing that makes Bob Fresh one cool dude. Yes, he's a comic book writin' sum'bitch. Yes, he was part of one of this areas most popular radio talk shows. But the real reason is when that got swept out from under him, he didn't cry, he didn't rally his fans (and there's a lot of them) into a boycott, he didn't just go away. He dusted himself off, and went on to do something new. And that something is Bob's Boneyard.

And yes this does present us with a certain amount of weirdness, as Manny Fresh has come back from the dead. Yes, this is the same Manny Fresh that was the target of internet harassment and hunted down his would-be tormentor. The same one who was the target of a conspiracy to destroy him complete with his own personal Jezebel Jett. And yes it did seem is if he was killed off, at least to the point where it had to be explained to some fans that he wasn't really dead. He was obviously lost in the time stream, but now he has returned. The bones are in the yard, and Manny will soon be traveling around the world recruiting more Manny Freshes for Manny Fresh Incorporated. For those out their thinking this would be just the thing for you to be your area's Manny fresh, be warned, the recruitment process involves nipple clips and a car battery.

Jokes aside, I'm really proud to know Bob. In the past year he's become a father and a comic book writer. Now he's repackaging himself and what he does towards new media. This is gutsy. He's got a loyal audience, and he's got talent, but what a person does in one medium that brings success doesn't always translate into success in other mediums. TV stars don't always make great radio people, for example. So he's on a learning curve, but fortunately he's got good, talented people around him. So I'm happy to support by checking out the show whenever I can.

I was ticked that he got the bad end of things for a really stupid reason, but I'd love nothing more than to see him turn it around into a huge success. I don't doubt that he will.


No secret to anyone you reads this regularly that I hate 3D movies. I already wear glasses, I don't want to wear glasses on top on my glasses just for the sake of a cheesey special effect. The last 3D movie I saw was SUPERMAN RETURNS in 3D IMAX, and I would have walked out of the theater if not for the fact that my mother had bought the tickets as a birthday gift and was with the group on us that went. Terrible movie made even more terrible by being in 3D IMAX. And some of you may be wanting to leave a comment telling me about how far the technology has come since then and how really great the effect is now and how I should give it a chance what with that sweet looking new THOR movie coming out. Save your typing. You've got a better chance of convincing our Pop Star-in-Chief that spending more money than you're bringing in is a bad idea.

There's also a percentage of the population that experience physical discomfort at watching a 3D movie. I'm not in this category as I just find it stupid. Fortunately for us all, there is Hank Green.

That's right. Hollywood is spending millions of dollars in 3D technology and people have found a way around it. That's kind of telling. I'm honestly thinking of buying a pair of these glasses based solely on principle. Fortunately the movies I've seen that are out in 3D always have showings that are not in 3D which is fortunate.

There is one thing that I am curious about as far as 3D goes and that's the Nintendo 3DS which boasts a 3D effect without the use of special glasses. Reviews of the effect have been pretty mixed, but it does have me curious. I do doubt I'll be getting one any time soon though. Little too rich for my blood. Actually, a prime rib steak is too rich for my blood at this point.


I tried to get a hold of Bob to ask what song he'd like in this post. Didn't happen, but I think he'd approve.

That'll do it for me. Time to get ready for church and some quality family time, including Hootie Nozz feeding the lot of us. SCORE!!! Happy Easter, y'all, and we'll see ya back here Wednesday.

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