You is dead to meh, Bobby Fresh!!

I love it when a plan comes together. Its Sunday, January 16, 2011, I watched The A-TEAM movie the other night, and this is The Side. The movie was great. For those who haven't seen it, the team is trying to recover stolen plates so that people can't print unbacked US currency since that could destroy the entire economy. Makes me wonder if they're going to take down the Federal Reserve in the sequel.

I got suckered and suckered hard in other news. Mike and Bob were discussing best sidekicks on their radio show with the new Green Hornet movie coming out this weekend. I'm driving down the road and the first one that popped into my head was Kid Flash because when I was a kid, if I was going to be a superhero sidekick, that's the one I wanted to be. So i call, and actually made it through and on the air. I give my answer for quality sidekick as Kid Flash, to which Bobby responded with a "Flash sucks" which is really a legitimate analysis considering the current writing and direction of the character, but in the heat of the moment I responded with a "Get bent" and descended into a squabble as to defending the character based, stupidly enough, on his power set as opposed to the character himself.

I am truly ashamed of my inner fanboydom, and for that shame coming out into the open, I blame Bobby Fresh. He is my Tully Blanchard.

So now I must redeem myself, so let's do this thing.


The ones I dig and why they are awesome.

10: Tonto. The Lone Ranger was pretty cool to me as a kid and Tonto was awesome. He always had some special skill of trick up his sleeve.

9: Rusty the Boy Robot. "Comin' atcha!" The original graphic novel was weird stuff, but cartoon series was a hoot and half.

8: Little John. I've liked the character in almost every incarnation I've seen, especially the Phil Harris voiced bear. A big guy who is good with a staff? I want him on my team.

7: Kato. When you're martial arts kid growing up Bruce Lee is the man. Watching him as Kato on the old TV series was awesome.

6: Wonder Girl. The only reason that I don't rate her higher is that she doesn't work often enough with Wonder Woman. She's more of a hero in her own right, but still kind off maintains a sidekick status.

5: Robin (Dick Greyson) There's no denying how awesome Dick Greyson is. He was the first of the superhero sidekicks. Its almost impossible to think about Batman without having Robin to back him up.

4: The Squire. Beryl Hutchinson rules. She is a lot of fun with a ton of heart. Comics are markedly better whenever and wherever she turns up.

3: Robin (Tim Drake). Rating him over Dick? That's right. He did complement Batman better with his computer skills. A solid detective in his own right he was also very dangerous in a fight.

2: Kid Flash (Wally West). Ah yes, the character that was at the root of the argument. Wally was the first sidekick to fully take on the role of his mentor. We watched him grow into the role as well. His back story as Kid Flash was a tale of faith being rewarded. He'll always be my favorite superhero sidekick.

But wait, that was only the number 2 position! What about the number 1 spot? That's right, its occupied by a classic character who doesn't need spandex to stop crime.

1: Doctor John Watson. This Afghan War veteran was always ready to aid Sherlock Holmes when the goings got rough. An able bodied student of Holmes's method, he had no problem jumping into the thick of things to help solve a case.


Bobby Fresh likes Lady Gaga, so in honor of that, I won't be playing any Lady Gaga. Ever.

So TAKE THAT, Bobby Fresh! I know you'll lose sleep over this scathing post and my refusal to ever put Lady Gaga music on here! Vengeance is mine! And with that, I'll be listening to him again on Monday on 96X, and seeing him at Comic Kings at their new location soon. As for the rest of you, see y'all Wednesday.


Paul said...

Great rankings! No Jimmy Olsen? No Bucky now Captain America?

Marty Nozz said...

The only thing i really know about Bucky was the old rule of "Only Bucky and Uncle Ben stay dead". Guess that went out the window. Now I like Jimmy Olson. I really love what they're doing with him now. However, I never really considered him a sidekick. He's a cool character but you'll never hear Superman say "C'mon Jimmy, we've got to...."