Answers on the Internet (Ask Nozz Day #1)

Its Wednesday, January 26, 2011, I have a wedgie, and this is The Side. I love my nieces and I love the Batman underwear that they got me as a bit of a joke for Christmas, but the danged things don't fit quite right. Ah well.

I put out the call for questions, turning it over to you guys to let me know what you wanted me to address. Response was pretty much nonexistent, but a couple of people did have questions, so here we go.


People have questions. I have answers.

jodie dragonfly - packed like a grand national winner?

The Grand Nation is a horse race in England. This joke comes from the British comedy THE BLACK ADDER GOES FORTH episode "Private Plane"

Yes, that is Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie, and Stephan Fry all on the same TV show.

Rob Gordon - Q: Why is the link to Duck and Cover Studios broken.

My partner Chris maintained the site and had it set so that everything would renew automatically in with the company he paid for the domain name and such. Well, for some reason it got changed to not renew automatically, and we were so busy with trying to make ends meet with work, keeping food on the table, and roofs over our heads that the site expired and we didn't even see a notice to pay to keep it up. So it went poof and we didn't even know it because we weren't doing out weekly updates. Currently we're lying low with or comic ventures as we're needing to prioritize paying work.


A lot is going on on the other side of the world. There was the recent overthrow of the government in Tunisia. Most recently there were massive protests in Egypt. One thing that it really key to those recent protests was the people's ability to use social media to organize. Social media, especially Facebook, takes it on the chin from me fairly regularly. This isn't one of those times.

Our government has its flaws certainly, but they allow us to speak our minds. If our representatives don't listen to us and abuse the power we allow them then they get voted out of office. Currently there's a lot of people feeling very disenfranchised by the government. They don't feel they're being listened to. That's why you have the Tea Party. They hold rallies and support candidates and ultimately they are about the people being heard by the government. Despite the lies spread about them they are a very diverse group of people, and they are very successful in getting their message out.

But that's America. We have the right to all get together peacefully and speak our minds. A lot of countries don't have that. So it really is amazing that there's these online social media sites that these people can access to get word out about their movements. The truth can get out without the spin that their governments or their media puts on things. Some of it is hard to watch. A few years ago someone caught a mob stoning woman to death and got a video out their their camera phone. Its a nasty slap of reality to know that things like that go on, and happens legally in some places.

I've seen social media used to try to tear people down. Cyber bullying, Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, and just about about every forum out there is going to have someone looking to just be a complete prick. But the internet is about more than that. Its information. It's giving people a global voice for which they can share their perspectives and points of view. Its allowing them to find people who share their concerns about the world and get organized to maybe make the world better.

The internet boils down to two things: information and freedom to spread it. Both things are important to remember. Egypt's government blocked access Twitter during the protests. Keep that in mind the next time you hear legislators talking about regulating the internet.


I do get kinda annoyed when I want to find a certain song, but all I can find is live versions. Still, sometimes its worth it to snag the live version.

Alright, time to go do something horrible. I would have done something horrible here like tell everyone who reads FANTASTIC FOUR that the Human Torch gets killed in today's issue, but the Associated press beat me to it.

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