The Cape Versus Al Bundy!!

Where's my remote! It's Wednesday, January 12, 2010, I've been watching a lot of TV again, and this is The Side. It's been nice to zone out on with the tube with all the stuff going on in the world. The events surrounding Arizona shooting is going as expected. Fortunately Congresswoman Giffords continues to improve. More stuff keeps coming out showing the shooter Jared Loughner is crazier than fuck all. And then there's the complete assholes wanting to use this as a political hammer to bash Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and basically anyone who ever had a conservative thought in their head, all the while telling them that they need to tone down their rhetoric.

They've gotten around to the "we need more gun laws" bit. Took all of two hours. Loughner got his gun legally. How could he do that if he was obviously a raving nutball? Don't they do background checks? Of course they do. The problem was this guy had nothing in his background officially to send up a red flag. It sucks, but the answer is catching these guys early. When it seems like someone's off kilter those around him should be contacting authorities instead of just waiting and hoping not to be around when he finally snaps.

Some people think the answer is just make it so nobody has guns, but then only the criminals would. I don't personally own a gun, but I'm all for gun rights. Because sooner or later that zombie apocalypse is gonna hit, and its going to be those pesky hippies that go first. All their pompous tree hugging peacenik crap don't mean squat when the shambling dead are looking to get their nom noms on. Me and the rest of the NWA will be over at HQ, well armed and well stocked with beer.


Digital television is still lame in comparison to the old analog signal, but to make up for that my television continues to grow new stations at random. Its very weird because there's channels that sometimes come in, but often go to a weird gray screen and lock up the TV for a few moments. Recently its grown a "Live Well" channel which I haven't found much of interest on, but it looks like there's some health shows on. The other new addition is "Antenna TV", and its awesome.

Essentually its a poor man's TV Land showing old TV shows. That including MARRIED WITH CHILDREN every weeknight. Its amazing seeing Ed O'Neil in the show's first season from 1987, especially since he's still doing very well now. There's phones with chords. Oprah is still there, but I'm not sure if its skinny or fat Oprah. David Faustino is just a kid. Christina Applegate isn't quite a full fledged babe yet. And yes, the show is still hilarious.

I did check out a show that I knew about but never watched: Maude. Yep, Deadpool's fixation in all her glory. The episode I caught was just crazy. A guy was choking and the solution from a character who I assume is supposed to know something about medicine quickly instructs another character to get a slice of bread and has the choking victim eat it. That somehow saved him! Bread is magic! And at the crux of the story was an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in which a young, wise-beyond-her-year character let us know that an abortion is a wonderful, empowering thing. That was pretty stunning. The glowing praise for an abortion. I think I've seen all I need of Maude.

And on the weekend they show the boys. Moe, Larry, Curly, and on occasion Shemp. The Missus before last weekend had never watched The Three Stooges. She's got a weird bias against black and white TV and movies. I'm working on that, and this was a huge step because she loved the Three Stooges.

However she was less than thrilled with our daughter walking around the house saying "Nyuk nyuk nyuk."


NBC has rolled out its newest show, THE CAPE. Its about a policeman who is framed for crimes he didn't commit and is thought to have been killed, but is really working to getting his life back and stop those who framed him. To do this he become a mysterious superhero to hide his identity and keep his family safe. Its a fun show, as long as you don't take it too seriously. The special effects are nice. The acting is earnest to the point of almost being campy. Its unapologizing in how weird and far-fetched it is. Its one of those shows that if your are going to enjoy then you're just going to have to go with.

The emotional center of the show is the relationship between our hero Vince Faraday and his son Trip. I felt genuinely bad for the kid. Vince's entire motivation isn't so much revenge as his desire to get his life back so he can be with his wife and son again. The writers aren't overly heavy-handed about it, which is good as this show is meant to be fun.

The weirdness is in the details. The villain is a Lex Luthor type who runs a giant company and has privatized the police force. He also sets himself up with a super villain alter ego known as "Chess". The other villains we meet, Scales and Kain, and similarly over the top. Vince gets is training to be the Cape from bank robbers who who are carnies. His fight training comes at the hands of a really ornery midget, who I like because midgets kicking ass is surprisingly awesome. Vince learns the tricks and techniques of magic and escape artistry surprisingly quick. Then there's the Oracle proxy known as Orwell played by Summer Glau who has made the transition from cute teenager to hottie. All these oddball twists we're expected to buy into wholesale, and its pretty painless to do.

I think the main thing going for this show is our hero is ultimately pretty relate-able. He's a family man going to extraordinary means to get his family back. He gets his butt handed to him quite a bit. They showed two episodes back to back the other night and poor Vince got pretty banged up in both.

Bottom line is the show is alright. Its fun. The fight scenes could use a bit of work from my perspective, but I like to get good looks at technique. So I can say give it a look. I'll likely be following this for a while.


This tune was playing when I dropped into Local Heroes the other day.

Rat-a-tat-tat, we're done just like that! See y'all on the Foxtrot!

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