Whiskey day again. Its Wednesday, January 20, 2011, I'm still not sure how I got this far in the week, and this is The Side. Pretty much everything is a blur at this point. I'm not sure when I acquired the mental capacity of a tazered deer, but here we are. I've been working out, because I'm old and trying not to look it. Work has been weird. So I've hit one of those times when my days start running together.

I need jarring out of this. That's where you people come in.

Next Wednesday will be "Ask Nozz Day" where I'll be answering any questions I receive this week. So leave me a comment with whatever you want me to weigh in on and I'll try my best to give you a coherent answer.


Computers just weird me out sometimes. Probably because I can't use them worth a damn. I changed the template on here because the old one kept cropping the videos I'd put up and I could make it stop. My pal Joe suggested I look at the coding to see if there was a conflict between the HTML of the Youtube videos and the CSS coding used by the templates, which sounded like it would work great, much better than my cunning ploy of yelling "STOP CROPPING THE VIDEOS" at the monitor. The sad thing is I know its not the monitor's fault, and I feel bad for yelling at the monitor, but that's what's right in front of me so something's got to get yelled at. That and I would know conflicting code if Mike from Alpha Geek came over, found the code, showed it to me and said "that's the conflicting code".

But really it is all about code on here. All the fancy interfacing in the world means nothing if you don't have have proper coding. My Playstation controller doesn't change, but different games handle differently even with the exact same controller.

And this brings me to the latest storyline in RED ROBIN. The concept of the Unternet is that its an internet for eeeeevil people. But we see that its more like the new DC Universe Online game but it makes you eeeeeeviler. At least that's the theory as we don't know if the new DC game will actually make you eeeeevil and if it does, does it make you eeeeeviler than the Unternet. But interfacing this thing in the comic is kooky. People using it seem to fall into some sort of trance while they are in there. This brings us back to the Tron frame of thought that people can somehow enter a computer based world physically and/or mentally. Kinda irks me that we've come so far with computers since the original Tron movie came out, but this notion persists.

I'm looking at how things are set up now with social media. Someone can post something on Tumblr, which automatically reposts on Twitter, which automatically reposts on Google Buzz. That's just the tip of things. One post can infect multiple social media outlets and all the followers on each individual one could see it. And these posts swirl around the e-ether until they finally land on someone's Facebook page with is the final resting spot ultimately for all such things. This is due to Darkseid being defeated by Batman and Superman and in FINAL CRISIS and falling backwards in time again to Harvard university in which he lands in Mark Zuckerberg, which you can actually see in the deleted scenes of that "The Social Network" movie, but only on the DVD/Blu-Ray 3D combo pack after you access the downloadable content from online. Don't worry, it only sounds like the Anti-Life Equation.


Something a bit different as the song isn't really my style. Its "Don't" by Jesse Rubin which is a nice enough song. However the video is Allison Holker and Jakob Karr, and they are improving this entire thing. Behold, I give you art.

Alright, that's a wrap for today. As you can also see I changed the template for the blog. Let know what you think as well as sound off on your questions for "Ask Nozz Day".

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Crushling said...

It is a shiny and clean update and I like it. :Uc Looks good!