Funny Pheasant Page Plucking

As many as have that chicken! They shall not forget that they have a tentacle up their backside. Its Friday, January 21, 2011, I'm writing this entire week off, and this is The Side. There comes a time when you have to realize that making your week awesome and productive is just a lost cause, so you just have to "screw it" and endeavor to do better next time around. Which is pretty much the source of that opening couple of lines.

Back in good ol' Philosophy 101 I sat next to my pal, Beast. Beast and I lived together, bowled together, and narrowly managed to not fail classes together. While we were quite handy in many things, that class wasn't one of them. We did alright, and the professor was awesome, but sometimes we'd get those quizzes and did not have a clue was to what the answer might be. On one such occasion, Beast just said the hell with it. There was no turning in a blank paper here. If you were going to give a wrong answer, you might as go down in glorious flames. Hence the "As many as have that chicken." which if I remember correctly actually earned partial credit for pure entertainment value.


I went into a 7-11 very hungry and thirsty. I grabbed a Snickers bar and tasty ginger ale. I approach the counter with no one in line eager to pay up so I can enjoy my snack. The woman at behind the counter turns to me and asks very insistently, "Have you ever plucked a chicken?"

This query demanded an answer not just due to the content, but for the fact that she barked this command at me giving the impression that if I did not immediately she would pelt me with a Toquito. So answer I did.

"I am not the pheasant plucker. I am the pheasant plucker's son. And I'll keep on plucking pheasants until the pheasant plucking's done."

She was noticeably taken aback by my response.

"Well, I don't know why you brought that up." She said with as much indignity as can be mustered by a moron.

"Lady, I just wanted to pay for my candy bar and tasty ginger ale, and you demanded to know if I ever plucked a chicken. Consider yourself lucky that's all I came back with. Now, can we get on with my purchase before I lose any more brain cells?"

I really wish there was another convenience store near that job.


Let's go first with SUPERGIRL #60 which begins the run for Nick Spencer and James Peaty writing the book and Bernard Chang handling the art. I made the mistake of thinking it was Cliff Chang that was going to be handling the art. Whoops. I went in a bit put off because it was another event cover, and this one was done by Amy Reeder, whom I really like. But then I get into the book which has a new artist on it and I feel lied to by the first impression of the book. I'm really back and forth on the debate about having a different cover artist on a title as opposed to the person who actually did the art in the book. This one went in the con column. As for the art in the book, Bernard Chang is a perfectly serviceable artist, but I'm really, really, really missing Jamal Igle right now. However, the writing on this one is top notch. There's so much going on here. The Daily Planet staff continues to be an interesting part of the book. Supergirl gets in some serious trouble all thanks to a new baddie who is absolutely fascinating. While we had last week with RED ROBIN the notion of what sci-fi cyberspace was thought to be back in the 80s, here we have a villain who is firmly rooted in the current information age, with a solid knowledge of how it works and how to weaponize it. I've been very critical of online applications that allow users to give out information about other people. Here's exactly what I've warned of as applied to the DCU. There's some smart writing going on here, and while the art didn't really suit my taste, I'm fully on board with this story.

Over in TINY TITANS #36 Terra leads some friends on an expedition to the center of the Earth. This issue stands out as being the only time I know of that the entire comic was one story with no little side gag pages. Its good times and we get to see more Kid Devil and Hot Spot. I love Kid Devil in this book. The character got unceremoniously depowered and bumped off in the regular Teen Titans book, which sucks, but at least we got a cute version still doing fun stuff here. Art Baltazar and Franco know what works with this book and stick to it. Its light and fun with little nods to the main DCU continuity but without all the baggage that comes along with it.


Because I mentioned beast earlier, I had to throw in our theme song, which we spend many a time singing along with at the top of our lungs, much to the chagrin of everyone in Harrisonburg, VA.

Alright, we made to the foxtrot once again. Remember, next Wednesday is "Ask Nozz Day" so send me some questions to answer. Have a good one and I'll see y'all Sunday.

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