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Gooooooz fra ba! Its Friday, January 14, 2011, I'm decompressing, and this is The Side. You might be saying, "But Uncy Nozz, what about that horrible old bastard we all know who is currently pissed off at the world?" He's still here, but in a better mood. The general public has come to grips with the fact that last weeks shooting was the horrible act of one disturbed guy despite attempts to make it look like the fault of conservatives. It makes me feel better about people and the internet. The spin didn't work because of what this nutter had put online, and people who knew this guy backed it. Often the truth loses to the spin, but not this time.

There's been other things making me feel better too.


A little girl's microphone cut out while she was singing the National Anthem at a local hockey game. Potentially very embarrassing for her. Fortunately, we know our anthem well in this town.


This has been a confusing week for many. The DC Covers look great, but they are making it a bit tricky to get books pulled. Still, I think i got about everything.

Let's lead off with BATGIRL #17. This book has really hit its stride and is a lot of fun to read. Sheph teams up with Damien, the kids we all hate and love to hate, to stop some kidnappers. There's a long history of Batgirls and Robins teaming up, but this is certainly a new dynamic. They can barely tolerate each other, but they work so well together. This is a great little stand alone issue, so if you're someone who digs current Batman stuffs, but haven't given this title a shot, grab it and say Damien made you do it. You can thank the pair of us later.

Sticking in the Bat-zone for now, we've got BATMAN AND ROBIN #19 and while this is a really solid story from Paul Cornell it has gotten a lot less fun with each issue. A lot is made of the impact Bruce Wayne has made in the lives of those around him and that impact is considered questionable. There's a nice twist on the character of Absence as she proves to be a lot more interesting than your typical Gotham nutter. What I don't like is how behind the eightball Dick and Damien seem to be the entirety of the story. It seems like they've spent the majority of this story being held hostage. Similarly Cornell's KNIGHT AND SQUIRE #4 was also a lot less fun than previously. That Shrike kid really rubbed me the wrong way to the point that I couldn't enjoy this comic and all the stuff going on with Cyril dealing with his armor and his past for the fact that I really hate that kid. Why he didn't get his ass kicked after his outburst is beyond me.

RED ROBIN #19 is a bit weird. For a while we've known about something called the "Unternet". Morrison introduced the idea in FINAL CRISIS as an evil internet that super villains use. Tim Drake has been looking to bust it up, but we finally see what the Unternet actually is and it seems to be DC's new online game if the villains all won. Their consciousnesses all plug into it and it somehow makes you more evil. Not what I was expecting, and pretty weird but despite it being an off kilter concept Fabian Nicieza navigates us through it pretty painlessly. Its not a bad concept, and I can see it getting used in interesting ways later in this and other series.

BIRDS OF PREY #8 continues the "Death of Oracle" storyline, but surprisingly we haven't found her back at the dawn of time yet. Ah well. The Calculator is looking to do away with oracle once and for all... again. We have a big fight in strip club. Batman is there, but doesn't steal the book, which is nice. This story seems to be setting the stage for the role oracle and the Birds will be playing with the Batman Incorporated storyline. That's not me saying that you have to pick up this book to keep up with what's going on with the bat-titles. Franky, you should be picking up this book because Gail Simone kicks ass on it.

Speaking of Gail Simone, SECRET SIX #29 wraps up the crossover from ACTION COMICS in which everybody dies horribly in an explosion. Or at least Ragdoll hopes everybody dies horribly in an explosion. Glad to see that Robo-Lois can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. That sounds dirtier than it actually is considering Lex's relationship with Robo-Lois. It seemed at the beginning of this book that the Six were taking a bit of a backseat in their own book as the Lex Luthor/Vandal Savage feud continued, but by the end of it our favorite dysfunctional villains are back at center stage as we learn more about Scandal's relationship with her father.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #24 is a build up issue. We get a bit of quality time with Adam Strange at home with his family. Vril Dox has a date with Blackfire. Captain Comet is ticked that Starfire is using him for sex because he's really likes her. But before you write this issue off as skippable Starro the Conqueror is back and looking to regain his previous power. Tall order when your first target is Lobo. I've said repeatedly that this title is rock solid and really should be getting more reader-love. This issue is a solid jump on point, so if you haven't checked it out yet and dig space heroes doing space hero-y things check it.

Wrapping things up with WONDER GIRL #1 FROM J.T. Krul and Adriana Melo. I've been a fan of the character since her days in YOUNG JUSTICE. Krul is looking to give the TEEN TITANS book a boost and this issue put a nice spotlight and Cassie as well as features new hero Solstice. They're up against Lady Zand who I haven't seen in a book for quite a while, but really doesn't like Wonder Girl. They do have a history going all the way back to YOUNG JUSTICE so its nice to see the nod to that great title. It also sets Lady Zand up as Wonder Girl villain which she's been lacking a bit in the rogues department so that's cool. I wasn't terribly sure about how the relatioship between Cassie and her mother was depicted, but we haven't seen much of her mother in quite a while and with everything Cassie has been going through its almost seemed like her mother as a forgotten character. Fortunately, she's back and her reaction to the life that her daughter has chosen for herself comes across believably. So, high marks from me on this book.


Some bands suck live. Fortunately Jimmy Eat World isn't one of them.

On to the weekend where fun and adventure are waiting. No really. It is. See y'all Sunday.

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