Ticked off again: THE TOP 10!

The venom has risen. It's time to spew.

10. Having to choose between Supernatural and Fringe: Sure it's a win-win decision, but I liked to be able to keep up with both shows with minimal trouble.

9. Weird intestinal illnesses: Or whatever it is that got Brock Lesnar so sick that he may never fight again. I'm not a fan of the guy, but his presence revitalized the UFC heavyweight division and got Frank Mir looking to kick a lot of ass. Those are two things I approve of.

8. Breaking gossip being passed off as breaking news: Go away Tigergate.

7. Al Gore: It do kinda which I was naive enough to believe that the useless old hypocrite was trying to save the world.

6. The Nobel Prize: Seems they're just giving these things to anyone nowadays. They gave one to Obama for his intentions. Hey, I intend to do the greatest comic ever! Can I has Eisner Award nao plz?

5. Cern: When your 17 mile long particle accelerator is malfunctioning to the point that scientists are seriously considering temporal sabotage and the notion that the Higgs Bosom particles you're trying to observe may only be able to exist in parallel dimension where they cannot be observed you need to pack it in and give all that money you're spending to the Salvation Army.

4. The concept that all corporations are about greed: This is just jealousy disguised as social outrage. Grow up.

3. Wendy Williams: He/she/it/whatever was on the cover of a magazine with a tag line saying how she's apologizing to everyone she's hurt. Well she hasn't apologized to me yet for invading my television.

2. Chris Matthews: You referred to West Point as the "enemy camp". You can apologize until you're blue in the face, but you're still a douche. Suck it.

1. That traffic light they put in at Elbow Road and Indian River Road: It was a simple three-way stop which everyone would simply wait their turn and we all kept things moving. That stupid light has turned that intersection into a traffic nightmare and there's been a couple of nights when it took me an hour and a half to get home from work. Whoever came up with the idea to put it there is a moron. But then, if I didn't have that quality time in the car this list probably wouldn't be here now.

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