The Nozz Sells Out

Hello, Gorgeous. Welcome to my party. Its Wednesday, May 10, 2011, I'm a whore for the masses, and this is The Side. Internet popularity is a numbers games, and yes, that's kinda dumb, but we're all playing it.


Here on Blogger there's pretty cool features that allow me to see what kind of traffic I'm getting on here. I can see how many pageviews I've gotten. I can see about what time those pageviews happen. I can see what operating system is used, which I thought it was pretty cool that especially since I discovered that some folks check this stuff out using their Nintendo Wii. I can also see what part of the world people are viewing this from broken down by country. Don't worry I can't tell exactly where individual people are or stuff like that. I can also see key words they used that brought them here, or links that brought them here.

Now then, last month I had the most pageviews ever in one month since they started keeping track with 4,251. First time I broke the 4,000 mark and I was pretty excited about it. yes, I know its not terribly much compared to big sites or big name bloggers, but having over a hundred people per day coming through here made me a happy camper.

Then May came around and numbers just absolutely tanked. I'm getting less than half the traffic than I did last month. That's enough to make me wonder what on earth did I do to tick off my readers. However, I do have the tools I mentioned before and I decent analytical mind. I know exactly was happened.

My numbers tanked because of this image.

For whatever reason its fallen off the Google Search map. I was getting a lot of traffic from Brazil and Portugal. Now I'm not. I also saw that the search links had changed a bit. Did a little digging and I found that dozens of people would come through here regularly because of that image.

If you don't know what that image is, its Pocoyo. I was blogging about random thoughts I had about PBS Kids programming. When you've got kids and no cable you end up watching a lot of it. And I like Pocoyo. Stephen Fry narrates it, so it must be educational, right? He is British after all.

So, is their a sudden complete lack of interest in Pocoyo? Is there a Pocoyo scandal of some sort? Kind of doubt it. Its probably just that the image from this blog doesn't appear near to top of searches for Pocoyo pictures anymore. Not sure, why but that's just how it rolls. I did lose a follower when all this happened, but I don't know if those two things were related.

So really what I have now is the numbers my traffic would be minus the Pocoyo factor. These are the people that come here moreso for the content I put in, and my opinions on it. So are mere numbers worth flooding a post with pictures of a cute cartoon show? How shallow would that make me?

Yeah, like I ever claimed to be deep.

Who loves Pocoyo?

This guy right here!!!

Greatest cartoon ever!!!

(That's not counting anything Bruce Timm did.)


I'm just giving the people what they want, and they want Pocoyo.


Sell out? Me? Naaaaawwwwwww....

That's me selling my soul to the Google search engine for today. I'm going to keep my eye on the numbers to see if they go up. Will Portugal and Brazil love me again? Guess we'll find out Friday.


Pastrami said...

Try mentioning "Commodus Trading" in a Post. It really helped me out after mocking an e-mail from them that I received. 14 hits today already!

I'm here for the other content btw.

Anonymous said...

I'm Brazilian, and I just googled "Pocoyo Duck" because I really like Duck! His beak is the best cartoon beak since Daffy Duck! And in the first page there was this nice image of Pocoyo and Duck and Sleepy Bird, with sunglasses all looking bad*ss! I just HAD to click it. And I loved this post, maybe I'll even check what else is there on your blog.

Marty Nozz said...

My cunning plan is working!

Sort of.