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ITS HEADED RIGHT FOR US!!! Its Friday, May 20, 2011, we're all gonna die, sooner or later, and this is the Side. Yep, that pesky old time of prophecy is upon us again. Judgement Day is scheduled for tomorrow, so with such big stuff happening I hope you appreciate my dedication in getting this week's comic reviews to you.

I'm taking the Buffy approach to this whole thing.

"Its the end of the world."


Yeah, so guy claimed that the Judgement day was gonna be Saturday. Massive earthquake to be followed promptly by the Rapture and the Almighty laughing at those silly Mayans and their silly calendar.

Screw this. Time to discuss matters with a bit more realism.


This was kinda a weird wee in that I got three comics and while all three were really solid, none of them really jumped up and made me want to read them again immediately. Kinda weird since all three book have really good creative teams. I do know why though, and I'll hit on those individually.

ZATANNA #13 had Paul Dini back on the reigns and Jamal Igle serving up the hotness. Love these guys. So why wasn't I super-amped on this book? Now, I really dig this series, and this was a good issue, but this is a set up issue. Its one of those books in which we're shown that big stuff is coming, and in this case we're shown by a mystic kitty cat. There is no shortage of action, but that comes from Detective Colton trying to stop brother Night from escaping prison. So while we do have Zee interacting with mystic kitteh and having a tete-a-tete with the Spectre, the action isn't on her. I do understand that. Its got to happen sometimes, and I have to say I'm a lot more interested in Colton now than I was before. So its a good comic, but spends more time building our villain and a key supporting cast member. If you've been curious about the book, you might want to pick it up as i think this issue is heavy on the foreshadowing.

TEEN TITANS #95 has the team going up again Rankor, and its not going very well. In fact they've been getting picked off a few at a time and taken prisoner. JT Krul seems to be taking this old school. I remember quite a few team books from when I was a kid in which you'd have them up against a big bad and the villain and his crew would manage to pick them off one at a time. Typically the last hero would free the others and a giant beatdown would ensue. So its pretty familiar territory, but I'm OK with it. I may have a good idea where this is going, but I'm curious as to how they're going to pull it off. Nicola Scott's art is as always a delight. JT Krul is still turning our a decent story. The only problem is that I'm hitting the same notes here that I've seen many times before. Its done well, but its pretty familiar. We'll see how things pan out next issue.

TINY TITANS #40 this week is all about Kroc. Kroc rocks! Its a Krocapalooza! Its Krocaggedon! Its... its... a whole lot of Kroc. Kroc follows the gang to school. Chaos ensues. Not much for DCU continuity gags here this time around. The book is always really cute, but but when it does stuff like "Finals Crisis" or "Mister Johns Comic Shops" I usually get a bigger chuckle. My kids will probably dig it though.


Going with the obvious song choice, but a very cool version of it.

That's it for me FOREVER!!! Unless the world doesn't end tomorrow in which which, we'll see yeah back here Sunday.

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