I choose YOU, King Shark!!

Worlds collide! Its Friday, May 6, 2011, everything is connected, except for my TV to cable, and this is The Side. Every so often you have something that crosses pop culture boundaries. Other time time you have those boundaries obliterated what everything just monkey piles onto something. For a long time manga and western comics have had a firm divide that has been crossed tentatively by creators with mixed reviews from readers and often raves from weeaboos.

But now we have an brave author standing proudly to destroy this divide. Gail Simone has married East and West into one comic!


It is Secret Six week this week, meaning that the only comic out on the shelves in the known universe is SECRET SIX #33 ,and a bunch of other stuff that I don't read. So, the Secret Six are still where we left them last time: in Hell. I mean really Hell, I'm not making fun of Topeka, Kansas this time. Yep, Hell. And many of the residents seems to look like something from the SILENT HILL video games. Maybe with the splash of RESIDENT EVIL in there somewhere. Bane was kinda looking like the Tyrant from RE in his "Hell Costume". That's right, surviving the first level of Hell unlocks new outfits for your characters. Usually you have to beat Hell and then replay Hell for that option, but Gail Simone is a living, breathing cheat code. The team is in Hell because Ragdoll got the "Get out of Hell free" card and then kinda died. I'm not kidding about that part, there really is a card involved. We get to see some of the team's previous members who had a bad case of getting killed. Catman has a family reunion. There's big fights and such. The team each experiences a taste of personal torment. So, as you can surmise, its a kid's comic that you'll be able to find in between BETTY AND VERONICA and TINY TITANS. It is a good issue. Not loving the art, but Gail Simone's writing keeps me on board month after month, especially with good old King Shark.


If you haven't been reading SECRET SIX, and shame on you if you haven't, there's a few things you need to know about their newest team member.

* You have to have your Prince Guppy hold a King's Rock and trade it to get it to evolve into a King Shark.

* If you breed your King Shark even the egg knows Bite.

* As a water/fighting type it is strong again fire, bug, normal, and rock types but surprisingly resistant to psychic types to due low IQ.

* King Shark's version of Hydro Pump is rated "M" for Mature.

* If you don't have all of your trainer badges and attempt to use King Shark in your party it will chew your arm off.

* You can't find King Shark in any of the Pokémon games, but it can certainly find you.

* Giving King Shark Protein items will raise its stats, but not its happiness level as King Shark prefers its protein to be still twitching when it eats it.

* If you try to teach King Shark a move from a TM or a HM you'll likely receive a FU.

* If you are trying to catch them all, but feel like skipping King Shark, no one will really blame you.


Sometimes you have a song playing in the back of your mind and you're barely aware of your life's soundtrack being played. Then you're sitting at the end of the day and you get get the volume turned up on your personal cosmic stereo.

That's it for today. If you're on Twitter, please comment at #kingsharkisapokemon with all your King Shark love. Gail Simone will totally approve. Totally.

See y'all Friday.

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Paul said...

The Hydro Pump joke is awesome!