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Its Friday, April 1, 2011, I feel pretty guilty, and this is The Side. Anyone who reads this thing on the regular knows I'm pretty opinionated, and there's certain folks I give a hard time to, but typically I don't genuinely wish ill on people. So when I found out that Lady Gaga passed away yesterday due to sudden and extreme anaphylaxis brought on by something in one of her outfits, I wasn't gleeful about it. I'm sure she'll have many devastated fans, and I hope her friends and family can find some comfort in this time of grief.


ACTION COMICS #899 starts things off for us this week. We have another fill in artist for Pete Woods, which is a bit of a bummer, but Jesus Merino is pretty sharp. This is the issue that brings together everything that has been going on in this storyline. We've been treated to a highly entertaining world tour of the DCU with Lex Luthor being an incredibly engaging protagonist with his sidekick, Robo-Lois. There's been a lot of questions as to what was going on. What were this black sphere's that Luthor was questing after? What would happen when and if he got all of them? Did he know we was walking into a trap set by Brainiac? Would Robo-Lois make it out of this story, because we all really love her and hope she does? Who is Mister Mind working for? We get all the answers here. How good has this story been? I've gotten every issue and I'm still going to be buying the trade when it comes out because I want all this awesomeness in one easily to grab place.

Onward to JIMMY OLSEN #1 which collects the back-ups from ACTION COMICS and completes the story. This book came about in a weird way. ACTION COMICS was serving up Paul Cornell's Lex Luthor epic and with Nick Spencer's Jimmy Olsen story as an awesome side dish. This back up story got some press because it officially introduced Chloe Sullivan from SMALLVILLE into official DCU canon. Dc stopped doing back-up in their books so they could do their $2.99 price cap (which I'm very grateful for since I am poor white trash). So, this story was going to be collected in the issue we have this week, but since them Nick Spencer signed exclusively with Marvel. So this comic is all about things DC isn't having anymore of. Which is unfortunate, because its really awesome. I had a conversation with some friends in that we determined that we like that Jimmy Olsen is just "That guy that these weird things happen to". That's all this is. Just a complete ton of completely weird stuff hitting one guy in the space of a week. If its gotten under your radar thus far, do yourself a favor and go buy this book.

DETECTIVE COMICS #875 continues the chilling tale concerning the return of Commissioner Gordon's son James. Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla outdo themselves here. And old murder mystery with Gordon's family right in the middle of it as years later a criminal's confession may mean Jim Gordon had made the worst decision of his life. We don't see much of Batman here, but frankly that's fine. This is a double-tough detective story, and Francavilla settings the tone in amazing fashion. This is such a pot boiler. Its sedated, and well paced, but absolutely engaging. Brilliant stuff.

TEEN TITANS #93 introduces new hero Solstice to the team. Nicola Scott is back doing the pencils and its great to have her back. Red Robin leads to team to investigate the disappearance of Solstice's parents in some ancient ruins. Krul is being really good about not falling into the trap of putting Raven in the middle of every story she's involved in, and that's great. Solstice is a very nice character, but a bit of an "Anti-Raven". Her power set and open attitude make her a polar opposite, but at the same time she's very charming and a nice cast addition. Krul's definitely improved his game since last year's Arsenal debacle. Glad to see it.

Let's wrap things up with ZATANNA #11. Jamal Igle jumps on board to help wrap up the case of the murderous puppeteer. I love this guy's work. Its like this week knew i was going to be disappointed that Pete Woods wasn't on Action, so it gave me Igle to help sooth me. Paul Dini continues to please. This is really a rock solid book, and is doing a great job at establishing Zee away from ensemble casts. I'm looking forward to seeing where things will be going now that Brother Night has returned.


Great tune.

That's all for today. I'll see y'all Sunday, and do hope that Lady Gaga can rest in peace.

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