Time's Up for Secret Six!

Tick Tock. Its Friday, March 4 2011, spell check doesn't recognize the word "tock", and this is The Side. This week is rushed. Time is working against me. Its already Friday and the entire week has been a blur. It seems like I'm always on the move, either going to work, or from work to Karate, or rushing home so the Missus can make it to a meeting or class, or trying to figure out how I'm going to fit errands into this.

All that rushing and staying busy has mead the week fly by and I'm heading into another weekend. That's good right? Not really. I'm not terribly comfortable with time seeming to pass so rapidly. It makes me feel like I'm going to blink and end up old. I type the dates of these blog posts and wonder how march got here so quickly. OH CRAP, only a couple weeks away from the Petersburg Open! Will I be ready?

It all goes by so fast. All the more reason to try to fit in something you enjoy.


Only had one book waiting for me this week, fortunately it was Secret Six #31. This kicks off a storyline in which a lot of things are looking to come to a head. This team has gone through a few members. In the VILLAINS UNITED series that introduced them they lost the Fiddler and a Parademon that that had broken ranks from the Apokalypse crowd and come to earth. Later during the stupidity that was COUNTDOWN the Infinity man was going around killing New Gods, and Secret Six member Knockout was one of the victims. The COUNTDOWN event was supposed to tie into Morrison's FINAL CRISIS, but did so horribly. Morrison had his idea and the lead in tried to give detail to something we really didn't need details to. There was a war of the new Gods, and many of them perished and were reborn in people of Earth. That's all we needed to know, but unfortunately we Knockout getting killed away from this war where characters are being reborn in others, so it seems she is in Hell.

Guess who has a Get Out of Hell Free card.

That card was the main point of the first storyline of the current series. Scandal Savage had, unknown to the others, and when she has a dream that seems to be message from her deceased love, Knockout, she wants to use the card to free her. Unfortunately another member wants to use it to bring back his lost friend. Team members fight amongst themselves (they typically do), but this time one of them kills another. And they have the card. So the rest of the team is going to Hell. Well, they were all probably going there anyways, but they're taking the express route. Also Scandal's current girlfriend is kidnapped from the strip club she works at.

Now, there's a lot going on here, but I'm looking for a wrinkle. Gail Simone is a brilliant writer, and has spun great stuff out the crap that has been handed her. The new Gods were reborn in humans their spirits landing in them and eventually taking them over, and a part of me had wondered what if Knockout had been reborn in Liana and she just hasn't taken her over. What if this dream message is all a trap with nothing to do with Knockout? I like Liana. She's a fun little side character, and it would be a fun twist to play with in this story. But we'll have to wait and see for now.


For the record, I've got nobody where I want anybody, so this song choice is kinda ironic.

OK, time is up for today. I know it was a short one, but I had a lack of comics and time was working against me. Happens to everyone sometimes. Here's hoping to slow things down this weekend and hope y'all can do the same. See y'all Sunday.

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