You Win, You Winning Winner!!

It's Sunday, March 6, 2011, duh, and this is The Side. I've been working every day this week and am pretty tire, and in the little amount of time I do have to relax, I'm watching some TV, and read a little. Yeah, it seem Charlie Sheen is everywhere, but I have found some time to watch some other things.

I watched "Harry's Law". If you ever want to feel like America is the worst country ever and Americans are just a horrid mob of moron, self-centered monsters, go watch this show. Sure its got clever dialogue and interesting characters, but at its heart its hardcore liberal, America bashing. That said, to the producers and writers of that show: you're a bunch of assholes and can go collectively fuck yourselves.

And I got to read that Michael "Why yes I would like gravy with that" Moore has joined the Wisconsin Union protesters in a stand against the "wealthy elite". I guess nobody told that opportunistic, money-grubbing asshole that these are public unions and they're really making a stand against tax payers. I'm sure he'll figure out some way to work this into whatever crap propaganda flick he's working on. He's probably just there for the cheese.

But with all that stuff pissing me off, there's still one ray of sunlight. And now, on with the show.


That's right. The bandwagon is rolling, and I'm jumping on. Its so wildly entertaining. Every interview has a dozen new and glorious soundbites. He's been on a shit-ton of drugs. Is living with two girls, one of which is a porn star. His kids just got taken away. Its a complete trainwreck and its the most popular show out.

And I do indeed regret my "Charlie Sheen was here" tattoo.

Dude is freaking everywhere! He says, he's "Winning" and right now, he's absolutely correct. Yes, we watch him and read about him and everyday it seems like there's some new wrinkle coming out. I've talked about him with my friends and our consensus is that he'll likely not live out the year. However, if there was ever a case of going out in a blaze of glory, then this is it.

@ForrestGriffin It's official Charlie Sheen would kill chuck Norris. Hell Charlie is the new Chuck.

However, it does make me wonder. He's passed a drug test and says he's open to taking one any time. He's invited anyone who has any questions about what goes on in his house in. He's posted videos. So now I'm curious. Typically, you have a celebrity go through stuff like this and they go straight into rehab, then they come out months later and do the obligatory interviews where they're apologetic for their previous behavior, and either they're forgiven by the public or not. Then they pop up on show TV show or worse a reality TV show.

Sheen has taken another route all together. The media is thrown off because he hasn't gone into rehab. They're doing the interviews, and he's not apologetic. In fact it seems he's batshit crazy.

Sheen has surpassed the realm of reality TV and moved onto reality media. He got on Twitter and conquered it in about a day. He's got interviewers scrambling trying to figure out what he's talking about and he's obviously just screwing with them. What if he is clean? What if he's playing off his antics and turned "Crazy Charlie Sheen" into a role. He's already plotting on merchandising the hell out of this. The TV show he's been on for years is getting canceled, and maybe that's part of the plot. He wanted out, and now he's out. Now he's walking a highwire. His only option to pull this off is to stay clean and maintain the role.

Its like Robert Downey Junior without the jail time.

Sheen has options. He can become a Downey who has gone down the road of vice, suffered for it, and refocused himself into incredible success. He can become a Gary Busey who is out of his mind and a joke preparing to be gawked at on TV. He can become a corpse. One slip and it all comes unraveled, and he's heaped an incredible amount of pressure on himself by thrusting himself in the media spotlight.

And I hope he pulls it off. I hope he has gotten himself completely under control, and is enjoying his life clean and sober. I hope he keeps this role away from his kids and separates the crazy part from the part that has to be a good father. I'd like to see him use the spectacle that he's made made himself do some good like in his offer to go to Haiti with Sean Penn to do some charitable work.

In all likelihood, this train is going to fly off the tracks sooner rather than later.


Once I figured on writing about Charlie Sheen the song choice was obvious.

OK, its off to work for me. I'll see y'all Wednesday.

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