Rage against the machine!

It's Wednesday, November 3, 2010, I feel like lighting something on fire, and this is The Side. Why do I feel like lighting something on fire you ask? Am I angry? No more than usual. Nope, I'm chilly. Fall has fallen fast, and when the weather gets cold I like to burn stuff. Usually its leaves and branches which my yard has plenty off. Still I do growing up when we had some decent acreage and plenty of fuel for the fires. We had so much stuff once that it took three days of continuous burning to reduce it all to pile of ash.

Fire is good. It makes hot dogs and marshmallows better. I know people say "Fire bad". I've in the past said so myself. But then my eyebrows grew back and me and fire were OK again.


Warren Ellis once referred to politicians in his comic TRANSMETROPOLITAN as "vote crazed dogfuckers" and it seems that this comics vision of the future was looking that this year. Yes, the 2010 Congressional Basho has come to an end. This time around we've had a nearly official witch hunt, a Democrat blasting a copy of the Cap and Trade bill with a shotgun, and a mailer that was scratch and sniff that smelled like trash.

Yes, he is a Democrat. I can only imagine the backlash the media would have if it was a Republican doing that. Sure enough the guy won. This race has been all about Democrats not doing things you typically think of when you think Democrat. They've been lining up touting how much they don't vote along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They try to show themselves as against our Pop Star-in-Chief's agenda. This is hysterical. Many Democrats were trying to sound as conservative as possible to try to keep their jobs. Even locally the two candidate running for Congress in my district were engaged in a battle of which one has more to do with Obama than the other. Sure enough the Republican won, which is good because the guy runs a business and knows you can't spend money that you don't have.

Republicans took control of the House of Representatives last night and mad a pretty decent gain in the Senate. There was no celebration to it because they know they got control for a reason. America is in trouble and they were sent there to try to help the situation. There's already been rumblings that they one because because of Racism against Obama, which is typical because stupid people think Conservatives are Racist. Its also been said that they won because people are angry.

And one this point they are correct.

Anger is healthy reaction to unacceptable circumstances. We do not live in a Democracy. We live in a Representative Republic. It's true, this is the internet, look it up if you don't believe me. What this mean is that we are supposed to be send to Washington people to represent us and to make sure things are done that the population can't handle themselves, like defending our country, securing our borders, and dealing with other countries. So yes, when a bunch of people who are supposedly representing us do things that are against the will of the people the folk represented are right to be pissed off. When the checks and balances system breaks down because the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government are both run by the same political party people are right to be pissed off.

And the pissed off people did the healthy thing. They didn't take to the street and riot. They didn't set Washington on fire. No one got shot. It was tempting, but no. They looked hard at what was going on. They got educated about who the candidates were. Then they voted. That's how its supposed to work. If they aren't going to do the job serving the public they won't have the job anymore. And it'll happen again if the people in office now don't stick to their word and do the job.


It came from the 90s...

That's the ballgame for today. Time to go destroy so stuff at my hammer ready job that the government didn't provide.

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