The Joker, The Preacher, and my Stepmom.

It's Friday, November 4, 2010, yesterday was my stepmother's birthday, and this is The Side. I, of course, am a horrible stepson because I thought her birthday was today, and when I realized that it was about ten of the clock at night and a bit too late to call. Shame upon me.

Bonnie Nozz married my father years ago, and was a welcome addition to the family. I seriously have the best stepmother ever. She's always got the best desserts around stashed in the refrigerator. Her favorite comics are HITMAN and PLANETARY. She'll even watch the horrendously violent movies me and my dad love. The pair of them made me stop SNATCH when I was watching it at their place on DVD, not because of the horrible language and violence, but because they wanted popcorn and didn't want to miss anything.

At the same time, she's a kind and caring woman, devout in her faith, and an utter joy to be around. A lot of people were very disappointed when her and my father moved to West Virginia from here, because even though she only lived here for a few years she was a part of the family and community.

I also think its insanely funny when she occasionally curses.

I love you, Bonnie!


I hate being wrong. At the end of the last issue I was willing to bet money that it was Alfred impersonating Bruce Wayne as Batman at the end of the issue. There had been such a theme of theatricality and roll playing throughout this storyline, and by storyline I mean all the way back to BATMAN AND SON, that it made perfect sense. So when it turned out to actually be Bruce Wayne in BATMAN AND ROBIN #16 I was somewhat disappointed. I'm also disappointed that this issue comes out before THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #6. The whole shipping schedule debacle just has fail written all over it. All that aside, this issue was fabulous. The father of house was returned to see his children doing the best they possibly can in a bad situation. We get the pieces concerning any lingering questions about Doctor Hurt filled in. We have a fitting bit with Bruce, Dick, and Damien battling the forces of Hurt. Hurt wants to play the Devil, and looking at numerological biblical representations the number for the devil is two. So was needed a three, a trinity, to come into play. Making it interesting that we have the father (Bruce), the son (Damien), and the spirit (Dick). And while Bruce is back and handing out the beatings like a force of nature this is still the (As Richard put it) "Decent Bloke" Batman. He's looking out for his family, and in the middle of the siege with the city still on the line he turns to his youngest son.

"You made the right choices. I'm proud of you."

And then there's the Joker. Cue Frazer Irving's art for a scene that's absolutely brilliant one so many levels. The Devil (hurt) leaves his Heaven (the Batcave) and immediately falls. And of course the casket is marked with a six, the trinity in opposition. Outstanding.

Also this week we had SERENITY: THE SHEPHERD'S TALE, which I'm sure had many a Browncoat squealing with joy. The TV show FIREFLY got unceremoniously canceled before it really got a chance by the network that just didn't understand what they were seeing. The show received new life thanks to the internet and word of mouth. The DVD sales were incredible. The canceled show spawned a feature film. Through it all many fans, myself included have had a burning question that was never answered: "What is up with Shepherd Book?"

Book was an enigmatic preacher and missionary who in addition to being a devout man also was a skilled marksman, tough fighter, and had connection and knowledge of things most preachers wouldn't. He obviously had a dark past, but we only got the barest hints at it. We see the man he had become, kind, true, and clever. But how did he get there. We've seen the man's end in the movie SERENITY, and now, finally, we see is beginning.

The book is based on an outline of the characters life who the show's creator Joss Whedon and is written by his brother Zack Whedon. I was a little meh about that when I saw it since I was hoping that Joss himself had penned it. Zack Whedon has done his finest work in comics to date. He completely blew me away. This book is thoughtful and at points completely beautiful. Adding to Zack Whedon's stellar script is Chris Samnee completely and utterly knocking it right out of the park on this project. The story pulls a bit of a MOMENTO sarting at the end and bouncing backwards years at a time to show important parts of Book's life. Samnee (who I can't call Chris for fear he might hypothetically punch me in the face again)absolutely nails it in depicting Book younger and younger and younger.

Whether you're a hardcore Browncoat, or just somebody looking for a cool read, buy this book.


My stepmother loves Elvis, and I love my stepmother, so here we go.

Alright, people. I think you've had enough internets for today. Off with you, and we'll see y'all on Sunday.

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