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Its Friday, November 22, 2010, welcome to the Foxtrot, this is The Side.

Last time I told of my new project of telling people who ask for my name for orders in fast food joints and the like that I finally just identified myself as "Bruce Wayne". Yesterday, while grabbing bite at the place I did that, a girl looked at me while I was waiting for my food.

"Hey! Its Bruce Wayne! S'up?"

"The usual. Fighting crime. How are you?"

This could possibly become a thing.


BATMAN: THE RETURN tops my reads this week, despite that Bruce Wayne kinda returned already. I'm sure this is to make sure we know he's returned. This book isn't about his return, which he did last week, or the week before that, or possibly during those "The Road Home" books which came out before his return but weren't really about his return, so didn't really have anything to do with a road or going home.

And now we all know why I ignore fluff books when possible.

What this book is is a bridge between where Batman has been and where Batman is going. He's not dwelling on things, he's moving forward. There's something new and nasty on the horizon, and he's building Batman Inc. to be ready to take this thing on, and anything else dumb enough to try something in a city he protecting. The story itself is alright. We get a nifty bit about the bat who inspired Bruce. We also see that Bruce and Damien are not a very good team. We also see Batman doing what Batman does best: being awesome and making it look easy. The book is a bit pricey, and that's mainly due to the fancy cover and the bonus material of script stuff and costume designs. Nothing really shocking in their but it was interesting to me to see some of Morrison's scripts. It always interests me to see these from a writer's standpoint.

Over in SUPERGIRL #58 the story shifts from big wacky space action to something quite a bit darker. There's been a bit of a side story concerning Cat Grant that finally comes to the forefront. She want's Supergirl's help, because I guess Superman is still off walking around. This brings up the less than amicable relationship between Cat and Kara and they have it out, which isn't the most action packed thing, but its been brewing for so long its about time it happened. As for Cat's problem, its pretty nasty and creepy. A villain has targeted her, and we finally get to see who in a pretty disturbing scene.

In other news Zatanna, Zatara, and Superboy all face a laundry crisis. ZATANNA #7 had the fishnet clad sorceress taking on the animated clothing of deceased magicians in LA which threatened the entire city and few innocent lives. Over in TINY TITANS #34 we have a bit of fun with the fact that Art Baltazar draws Superboy and Zatara pretty similar. It seems the clothes do make the man, or at least can fool their friends.

Finally this week we have HELLBOY: DOUBLE FEATURE OF EVIL which I'm supposed to embargo my review of, not because of any kind of deal with Dark Horse, but because Mike Federali reads my reviews and can't get his issue until next week and doesn't want me to spoil anything for him. So here comes the spoilers, because I'm a prick. In the "Double Feature of Evil" there's a double feature that's... wait for it... EVIL!! Two short Hellboy stories, one comic, fun times. Its Mike Mignola and Richard Corben having some fun and having us along for the ride.


Lis Fies tipped me off about this one and its got me intrigued. Check it out.

If you made a list of things I didn't expect to be adapted into a major motion picture this story would have to be one of them. But its pretty cool. I think the director is responsible for directing a couple of those TWILIGHT movies which has people who care about TWILIGHT wound up a bit. I don't care about TWILIGHT, but I do care about comic FABLES, which tells about fairy tale characters exiled to our would.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is a classic. Beneath the surface of this kiddie story lurks some fun themes to play with. Imagining the Big Bad Wolf as a werewolf is fine and dandy. There's an appropriate air of menace around this. I always thought it was weird that Red Riding Hood met the wolf in the woods and had a conversation about the contents of the basket and off she went. If the wolf didn't look like a wolf it would make much more sense. There's also werewolf lore that the person who is a werewolf tears their skin off to reveal the wolf, and tears the wolf skin off to reveal their human side. In many versions of the story the woodsman who comes to the rescue chops open the wolf and grandmother comes out. This could be an interesting twist to things.

So, I've got my eye on this.

Another thing I've got my eye on is obviously the GREEN LANTERN movie coming next year.

I'm not a fan of Hal Jordan, but I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds. I don't really like Jordan because I can't relate to him. A fearless, womanizing jet jockey? No thanks. I'll take Kyle Rayner any day. However, looking at Reynolds approach to the character, I'm now on board. A guy gets a ring that can make anything he imagines and now he can fly and go to other planets, and he's pretty amped about it. I sure would be. And he's not fearless. That's the smartest thing they could have done with the character. Bravery is not the absence of fear. Its overcoming fear.

This will of course be a CGI-fest, and I typically hate those, but really there's no way around using it considering the material. So, I'm cool with it. This looks like a really fun sci-fi flick and that's what I'm looking for. Forget the Nolan grim and gritty "realism" schitck for comic book movies. Let's enjoy the ride.


There's a time for stomping through existence like a madman and there's a time to stop for a moment and appreciate something of value. Park it a moment. Enjoy.

Alrighty, that's a wrap. See y'all Sunday.

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