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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's Sunday, October 31, 2010, and my favorite holiday is here. It took a bit of time but I'm finally full on in the Halloween spirit. NBC showed a couple of new specials from Dreamworks featuring Shrek and the cast from MONSTERS VERSUS ALIENS. Both were pretty cool. After that I bounced over to PBS to enjoy AFTER YOU'RE GONE and KEEPING UP APPEARANCES, but that was just the interlude to me enjoying a Halloween TV fest. Last night was was the 35th anniversary of Doctor Madblood. The mad scientist from the edge of Pungo Swamp has been hosting cheesy horror movies and doing skits with his kooky cast all my life. Last night's showing was HAUNTED HOTEL with Christopher Lee. One could almost take the movie seriously if the Doc hadn't transported his buddies Count Lacudra and Renfield into the movie to wonder around. Fun with editing is still fun.

There was also a Pancake supper at the church I teach Karate at, which I attended because it was for a good cause and pancakes rule. I was hanging out with another of the karate guys who is now a bit too old for Trick-or-treating but noted that in his neighborhood a lot more houses have darkened their porches and a lot of the fun traditions his neighborhood had have gone away. This is in a lot of places. Part of it is the media trumping up a bit of fear about children safety. There's also the spreading of notion that Halloween is a "Satanic Holiday" which is complete and utter hogwash.

So tonight, be safe of course, but remember what this Holiday is really about: having fun.


Every year on Halloween there's always one thing that I do. I break out the VHS, hook it up, and fire up Disney's THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HALLOW. I've watched it every year on Halloween since I got the VHS tape. For you young'ins, VHS is what we used to watch movies on before DVDs. And yes I do remember Betamax. Despite owning this short film and having the ability to watch it whenever I want I only watch it once a year. And no that has nothing to do with me being too lazy to hook up the VHS player. Its the same reason that while I have A CHRISTMAS STORY on DVD I only watch it at Christmas. There's a time for these sorts of things, and to watch it at other times would make it a bit less special.

I love the Disney version. Bing Crosby narrates it and sing the songs. The animation is nice and crisp. The story is a classic of American Literature. For those who haven't read it, its not terribly long and you can find it here. I like that the story for the most part is set up. There's a tiny bit at the very beginning that that has a spooky touch when introducing the town, but that is quickly brushed past. It doesn't get spooky until the party and from there the stage is set.

I did find the cartoon scary when I was child and it seems I'm not the only one. Watching the video last Halloween, my daughters watched it too, with as much attention as a two year old can muster. After I had enjoyed the viewing and my one daughter was content to enjoy a cup of warm milk before bedtime, I had lost track of the other. I briefly searched the house only to find her in her bedroom behind a chair. She hides a lot. I went to retrieve her from her hiding spot to bring her out into the living room with her sister so she could also have her cup of warm milk.

"No!" She stated firmly wiggling from my grip.

"Nicole, come on out and have your cup. Its close to bedtime."

"No. Horsey. I scared."

So yes, I scared my kid something fierce with a cartoon I love to pieces. I should have known better since Nicole scares pretty easy. She fled crying after I dropped a couple of Mentos in a Diet Coke bottle. I'll be waiting until she's snug in her bed this year before I watch it. You never can tell though. maybe one day she'll have the same affection for Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman that I do.


Sure there's a video I have to watch every year on Halloween. There's a song I have to listen to too.

Thus ends our two week long Halloween romp. Whether or not Halloween will be scarier than next Tuesday remains to be seen. See y'all Wednesday!

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