Turkey's on Ice.

Its Friday, November 25, 2011, BLACK FRIDAY, which i don't think is considered racist yet, and this is The Side. I actually still feel full from yesterday. Food was great. The Missus is a hell of a cook. Watched DUTCH last night. Most of the entertainment came during the day when I stopped in at NWA HQ to say howdy as John was deep frying some turkeys. His cell phone rang, which was answered with John blast his turkey caller into the phone. So the caller got to hear an automated gobble as we yelled in the background.

"He's getting away! Darren, tackle him!"

"OW! It freaking pecked me!"

"Dinner's in a couple hours! Get his feathers off!"

"I'll wring his neck!"


I only got one book this week, and fortunately for me it was USAGI YOBIMBO #142. "Ice Runners" is a stand alone story in which Usagi comes across delivery men besieged by bandits. They're delivering ice as a tribute for a lord from the lord of their clan. This isn't easy since its the dead of summer. Lots of things at play here. Making the delivery in those conditions alone is difficult enough. Even being a delivery person for a lord in and of itself was treacherous. The political aspects here are also a factor. If the ice is delivered Lord Ito will gain favor and honor. If the runners fail, then he's in a position to be disgraced by a competing lord. There's also a good chance that the bandits may be agents of the competing lord. Usagi offers his aid, especially once he learns the runners are from Lord Ito. You really get the sense of how important the honor of the clan is to the runners. I do have to wonder about men who did stuff like this back in history. Right now, the U.S. Postal Service is looking to cut back on deliveries due to financial reasons. This story gave me a bit more appreciation for how easily things can be delivered. As always, elegant storytelling from Stan Sakai with a great story and beautiful art.


These guys have come a long way from the Dude Ranch.

That's it for me. No shopping for this guy because I like to wait for the week before Christmas before I get started on such things. However, there is a hardwood floor that needs putting down, so off to work for me. See y'all Sunday.

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