Dead Swiss Glory

Howdy! Its Sunday, November 20, 2011, I'm beat for no good reason, and this is The Side. I really wish I was tired from going to watch the fights last night. I read that Hendo and Shogun went all out, and the Silva/Le fight was incredibly exciting. I was already exhausted last night, so I probably would have passed out driving if I had gone to watch them, and then there'd be nothing for you to read this morning.

Hey, speaking of reading...


For anyone who is looking to me to tell them what to think about the new JUSTICE LEAGUE book. Stop looking. I don't read it. I do however keep up on it via the handy-dandy abridged version.

MORNING GLORIES #14 is the perfect comic for you if you think your high school is or was the worst place on Earth. This book continues on with its touching after-school special teen drama. Hunter is still upset that Casey told him they should just be friends. Casey feels really bad about hurting Hunter's feelings. Then there's Zoe, who is trying to put on a brave face, but the girls on the cheerleading squad are saying really nasty things about her, especially concerning the three dead people. But all that's OK, because its time for P.E.! That's right, good old gym class where a stressed out student can blow off some steam. Of course, when the faculty have tried repeatedly to kill you, weird stuff happens at every turn, god only knows what the hell is going on in the basement, and a psychic woman seems to be predicting all this from the Puritan days as the man she loves is being pressed to death in front of her, a jog through the woods may not go as well as one would hope. Things get weird of Hunter, Zoe, and Jun real quick. This book is completely freaking nuts. I mean that in the best way possible.

We jump ahead a few weeks in THE WALKING DEAD #91. The last storyline caught some flack for being "slow", but its still been very good reading. The uprising got quelled and Nicholas is in seeming good standing with everyone, although they're still kinda keeping an eye on him. Abraham doesn't seem too happy with not being in charge, and that's scary. If he turns on Rick its going to get ugly. The food supply is dwindling and that's bad in the dead of winter. Carl's adjusting to his injury as best he can, and we get a very good little scene between him and Sophia. Its fascinating to see how these kids cope with the ending of civilization as we know it. We also get the big fallout from the Rick/Andrea kiss. Those who didn't like the previous story might have some gripes here with it being slow, but the last two pages promises something on the horizon. This book is incredibly consistent in its quality. Kirkman writes the hell out of it and Charlie Adlard's art is just amazing. Great book.


Always nice to see a band from my hometown making some waves. There's been so many bands from around here that have been absolutely amazing and were good enough to be big national acts, but never were. Locals who follow music here know Luther's Fall, and everyone close to my my age remember the Waxing Poetics. Let's see how far these guys get, because they definitely have the chops to go far.

That's it for me today. I'll be seeing y'all Wednesday.


Paul said...

I'm almost to my breaking point of apathy for Morning Glories. I like it, but the characters and their situation isn't that compelling. The mystery is great, but moving too slowly. I'm ready to quit it and then pick it up when it's done.

Marty Nozz said...

This is another book that's better in larger doses. My first exposure to was through the trades, and I was going to be a filthy trade-waiter on this one, but with me dropping DC I figured I start picking up the floppies. I do find the mystery pretty compelling, but I like the insanity of it all.