French morons picking a fight

RAGE! Its Friday, November 11, 2011, I'm ticked again, or is it as usual now, and this is the Side. Lot of 1s in today's day. Ah well.



I'm pretty ticked off today, and its all about people being stupid. A French magazine has decided to piss off Muslims. They're doing it because they say they have a right to. Worse, they're being praised for it.

The break down is a french magazine decided to have cartoons of Muhammad in it, which Muslims don't like because they consider it idolatry. Crazy extremist Moslims decided to firebomb the magazine's office. The magazine then responded with putting another cartoon on its cover of what is possible Muhammad, but definitely a Muslim kissing a man to further tick people off. I'm sitting here thinking that the French haven't picked a fight with anyone since the French Revolution and maybe their economic problems are a lot worse than anyone thought.

This is the same type of stupidity that brought us Everyone Draw Muhammad Day, which I've talked about at length. Its abusing Freedom of Speech and freedom of Press. The part that's really stupid is that there are Muslims out there who are just living their lives and this offends them. This gives them a common ground with the crazy extremists. And the people at the magazine are complete douchebags. This is seriously the equivalent of putting out stuff against all of Christianity just to take a shot at the Westboro Baptist Church. They don't care about who they might offend, just as long as they offend someone.

Here's something that these morons, and many other morons don't want to admit: Freedom means responsibility. And when you shirk that responsibility, that's when you run the risk of that freedom being taken away. Can assholes protesting at soldier's funerals make people question the extent that we should have freedom of Speech? It does happen. Can these idiots at that magazine make people really wonder if having the freedom to offend people who haven't done anything to deserve it is worth it? Yeah, they can.

And then there's the real winners who are defending this. The first comment in the Gawker article i linked to posted a cartoon and dared Muslims to attack him. This is the mindset of the type of moron we're dealing with. They want nothing more than to count coup. But, of course, they're just looking to insult those "close minded" people who aren't enlightened enough to see things their way. "How could anyone be offended at a comic?"

How about a word?

What if I decided to start using the N-word in this blog? But I'm not directing it at all blacks. I'm just directing it at that black guy who threatened to shoot me for being the wrong color on his street and his buddies who thought that was funny. The other black people who I like shouldn't have a problem with it, right?

See the point yet?

I hope so, because there's a lot of people who don't.

Bottom line: that French magazine isn't ballsy, because being racist isn't ballsy. Its just stupid.


This dude really likes this song!

That's it for me today. Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you to everyone who has served our country. See y'all Sunday.

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