Feet Were Smelt

Its Wednesday, Nevember 2, 2011, I was planning on catching them all, but that required a lot of effort, and this is The Side.

Halloween has come and gone. I've got a ton of left over candy, which is probably going to make dropping those few extra pounds a little difficult. The girls raked in quite a haul between the Halloween event at the Norfolk Zoo, the trunk-or-treat at their preschool, and running around the neighborhood.

The girls were Ash and Pikachu, and were a huge hit with all the little nerdlings that were out and about. We did run into a few other Pikachus at the zoo event at which point I looked at my daughter and told her, "Its time for a Pokémon battle."

She did run up to one of the other Pikachus, struck a battle pose and yelled "PikaCHUUUUUU!" I told her to use tail whip. The other kid went to correct me that I meant iron tail. I told him that my daughter hadn't leveled up that far yet.

It was at this point that a mother pulled her daughter away who had watched the whole thing saying "C'mon, they ain't really gonna fight."

That went down Sunday, and unfortunately Monday, the hat which my wife spent a day hand sewing and I hand painted the design on it to look like the hat Ash Ketchem wears got lost. This was the cause of high drama in the house. I turned the entire house over looking for it. It looked like Ray was going to have to go trick-or-treating with out it. She was actually out the door a few seconds when I found it.

I think my cry of "HA!" scared a few kids, but it was Halloween.


Sometimes, you just need a little Weezer.

I was planning on this being a lot longer, but I spent an entire evening trying to salvage a room of the house. This meant leaving work earlier than planned, so I'm now going into work earlier than planned. See y'all Friday.

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Paul said...

Hahah! She hasn't leveled up yet. Nothing is better than a dad who gets it. That made me crack up. I also enjoy the title of this one.