The New FF makes me sick

Blarg. Its Friday, February 11, 2011, I'm still sick, and this is The Side. It could just be a nice 24 flu bug like a normal person. Oh NO! I had to get the week long marathon of coughing, mucus, and crankiness.

No comic reviews today since I haven't made it out of the house mush further than Walgreens. I'm hoping to have some up Sunday. In the meantime, we can still get our geek on.


For those who have have been paying attention to Marvel, and more specifically to THE FANTASTIC FOUR, you probably know that they've bumped off Johnny Storm AKA The Human Torch. The storyline has gotten a lot of praise from readers and critics. I haven't heard much fan outrage because pretty much everyone expects Johnny to be back sooner rather than later. Nobody stays dead anymore in comics.

This of course opens the door for the return of H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot who will be taking Johnny's place just he did in that old cartoon where I think they put him in because they were scared kids would try to light themselves on fire. Wait. They're not doing that? Oh.

So its time for the return of New Fantastic Four! That's right, Spider-man, The Hulk, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider together again to fight monsters and have big science action adventures! Wizard magazine would be feeling so vindicated over the press it gave this way back when if they weren't busy closing their own doors. Wait. That's not happening either? Ah, but I am 1/4 right!

Spider-man will be joining up with the remaining members of the FF to form "The Future Foundation". The new costume designs are pretty sweet, although it doesn't really look that good on The Thing. Orange and white only really look good on a cream-sycle. Spidey's costume looks sharp. Its well designed, very different from any other costume he's worn in the past, but you can tell its Spidey just by looking at it.

I like the idea of Spidey on this team. He's usually used as such a street level character, but he comes into play with some of the great big science action stories in Marvel. I remember seeing a reference to the battle in which Thanos was turned into Granite and Adam Warlock died. There were all these big league superheroes there and I wondered how Spider-man got caught up in all of that. Spider-man is a science hero. He may not be as smart as a Tony Stark or a Reed Richards, but he's definitely no slouch. I like seeing him in these type of stories, because he's very much and everyman character and that let's the reader in on the story in a more accessible way. Johnny did much the same thing. I think that's part of the reason that I really bought into the friendship the two characters had.

If it wasn't for financial restraints I would actually buy this book, which would make it my first Marvel purchase in nearly 15 years. Its not because they killed off a character that I love. Its because (much like Morrison did with Batman) they're managing to do something interesting after he's gone.


Back when 96X first hit the airwaves in this town it played music like no other station in town did. It was weird and different, and no much unlike the well worn rock tunes the more mainstream stations played ad nauseum. It was the beginning of alternative rock and this song was one of the one's leading the way.

That's a wrap for today in my week long misery. I'm going to go hunt for some chicken soup. See y'all Sunday.

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Paul said...

Absolutely agree. I think you should start collecting Hickman's Fantastic Four run. It is Grant Morrison level brilliance and fun without his sometimes overwhelming logorrhea.