Baltazar and Franco overtake my pullbox

Surf's up! Its Friday, February 18, 2011, I'm heading to the beach, and this is The Side. I'm not going for my own enjoyment though. There's work to be done, and fortunately the ocean air is just what the doctor ordered for my cantankerous sinuses. I'm not a huge fan of the beach, but it is pretty and the dolphins have been out lately, so if I'm going to go do some labor at least I'm somewhere pleasant doing it.


is up first on the list. I didn't see Nick Spencer credited on the writing this time around, and am wondering what's up with that. The story is progressing along well enough. We get a team-up with Robin, and Damien is his usual charming self. The Cadmus sub-plot is taking its time playing out. The Alex character continues to use his social media app to target young superheroes and send opponents his way. The story is taking is time revealing things about this guy, but he's shaping up to be a good opponent for the Girl of Steel. This storyline is getting a lot of attention from me because its the first since Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle rehabbed the character. When Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner first brought her into play she was pretty much a jailbait character would just a bit sleazy. Gates made a decent character out of her while Igle refined her look to make her look a bit less trampy. Bernard Chang isn't an exploitative artist and keeps his approach to Kara tasteful enough. Peaty his doing well with the sotry, and decent enough with Kara, but she is coming across a little flat. But this is their first story with the character so I'm sure they'll have more fun with her once they settle in.

The Shazam Family drops in on TINY TITANS #37. It looks like they're getting set to be regulars on the cast which is fine by me. Hoppy the marvel Bunny has been around with the bunny and Pet Club running gags for a while. Talky Tawny is the newest teacher at Sidekick City Elementary. All and all its pleasant enough. The cast has gotten pretty unwieldy though. There were already a lot of characters for readers to keep track of wen the series debuted. It has been amusing to see so many characters get the Tiny Titans treatment, but I do worry that the series is getting more of a "Look who pops in this month" treatment than having fun stories and gags with the established characters. Still, its a fun book, and for someone who knows all the characters from the DCU proper its a hoot.

Art Baltazar and Franco join up with Mike Norton on YOUNG JUSTICE #1 spinning off from the Cartoon Network show. Having not seen the cartoon I was going into this unprepared. I was a huge fan of the old Peter David/Todd Nauck YOUNG JUSTICE comic. I've followed those characters for years. So this series featuring Superboy and Miss Martian alongside a teenage Dick Greyson and Wally West smacked my continuty button upside the head. It took quite a bit of doing on my part o get around that. Superboy in this series is quite different from Superboy in the DCU proper and even in Baltazar and Franco's TINY TITANS. He's much more contemplative and quiet. Unfortunately that doesn't do much to warm us up to this version of the character and he gets nearly all the face time in the book. Miss martian is around for a bit, and she's a peach, but once she leaves the book goes downhill fast. There's weird stuff going on in their headquarters at Mount Justice, which would be interested if we weren't stuck with a complete stick in the mud for a protagonist. I want to keep supporting this title, but I think a lot of it comes from my love of the old series. There's not enough here to make me want to stick around.


That was a bit short this time around, but unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to get stuff typed up. We'll see how the weekend goes. See y'all Sunday.

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