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Here we go, gang! Its Wednesday, October 20, 2010, and its time to get in the spirit of the holidays! Starting off with my favorite holiday, Halloween. This was always one of my favorites. What kids doesn't love the idea of running around the neighborhood in a fun costume and getting candy? It did used to be a lot simpler. You did your go around, and when you got home your folks gave the haul a once over to make sure it was all OK and that not one put anything weird in there. Now it seems more and more people have a beef with Halloween. Looking around over the years I see less and less people actually giving out candy to the trick-or-treaters. More parents are opting for the "safe alternatives". Giving out tooth brushes or little gift cards is now more acceptable and doesn't earn the house responsible a proper egging.

There's been a backlash against Halloween from many sides. Some groups say the holiday is Satanic. And then there's the people who want to research it to death and hunt down every last thing they can about any pagan tradition that might even remotely be related to Halloween. All these people can go soak their heads. There's a lot of things that are better just taken at face value. Halloween turned into a holiday where you got to go out and have fun in scary costumes and get candy. Where's the problem? Just let the kids have their fun and leave it be.

We used to have a Halloween party at my church growing up. It was great. We got the wear our costumes. There were plenty of games. The Pastor would judge the costume contest. Everyone would laugh and have a good time, as proper fellowship should be. Sadly the pastor got transferred to another church (no scandal involved, the Methodist church routinely transfers Pastors around) and the new Pastor was a stick in the mud. So on came the "Fall Festival" which displayed a stunning lack of costumes, scary stuff, and apple bobbing.

And then there's the dentists who will tell you how all that candy you haul in is going to rot your teeth. Well, this is true, so of course you have to be sensible about candy consumption. I advise eating all of it in one go. This way you only have to brush your teeth once. I hear that whole sugar rush thing is a myth anyhow.

Ah well. I'll actually be at one of those "safe alternatives to trick-or-treating" this year. I'm very torn by this. Part of my is a traditionalist and wants to take the loin-spawn around the neighborhood. The other half knows that the "trunk-or-treat" even where everyone fancies up their cars and the kids go around the parking lot is going to be a great time. And that's what its all about really, having a great time.

Well, that and Tootsie Rolls.


Growing up as a big ol TV watching goon I saw a lot of "Halloween Episodes" not to mention a few specials that would pop up to really get me in the mood. Here's a few that I really got a kick out of of over the years.

*Rosanne: season 1's Halloween episode. This was back when the show was really good. Dan and Rosanne trying to prank each other to determine who was "The Master" was a hoot. The haunted house they turned their place into was awesome. The best bit was Rosanne telling her daughter Becky that all the demons of Hell come to Earth on Halloween night to get candy because there is no candy in Hell.

*Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Halloween" "Fear Itself". Both of these were a lot of fun, and watching pretty much any of the series is some decent Halloween viewing. The writing was nice and sharp during those earlier seasons. There was some great thematic stuff about fear and wearing costumes. Good times.

*It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! The classic of Halloween viewing. Remember when you could dress up in a scary costume, run around with your little friends in the neighborhood, get candy, and then repair to your friend's house to have fun and bob for apples? Yep, stuff like that used to really happen. Not a commercially licensed costume to be seen. No "safe trick-or-treating" alternatives. No one bitching about apple bobbing being unsanitary. All this and a World War One Flying Ace too.

*Garfield's Halloween Special. A bit of a sleeper because they don't seem to show it on network TV anymore. I loved this Halloween special. It was hilarious, and the musical numbers were a lot of fun.

Cripes, I haven't even thought about Binky the Clown in I don't know how long.


Because its not Halloween without this sound.

That's it for today! Friday will still have our regular comic reviews, but there'll still be plenty of Halloweeny stuff. See you then.

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