Lost my cell phone last night.  Re-traced my steps from the last place I know I had it, and did the same thing again today.  No go, Ninja Joe, so I had to go get a new cell phone.  I'm annoyed greatly by this.  

Keep in mind, the cell phone I had was bottom of the barrel, and only good for making phone calls.  Doesn't take pictures worth crap.  Worthless for texting.  I don't even bother doing anything online related with it.  Its about the furthest thing from a smart phone that you can get that's currently on the market.  And I got one pretty much just like it.  Looks about the same.  Slightly different display.  Oh well.

My old phone being lost meant of course that the sim card was lost with it and the few pictures that were on there are gone forever.  There were really only three pictures on there that I really liked.  There was a picture of a duck that came up to me on a job and stood there while I took a close up of him looking at me.  Never seen a wild duck be so comfortable with a person.  Second picture was from Tracy Snelling's "Woman on the Run" exhibit.  I really liked that one.  The last picture was of a tube of caulk, which I had because the color was Delorean Grey, and as such I had a portrait of Delorean Grey on my phone.

That's right.  I had an Oscar Wilde pun hidden in my phone.

Weirdly enough I somehow maintained all my contacts on the new phone without having the old sim card.  I thought that was what those things were for.  Not complaining, but I obviously know squat about cell phones.

As the customer service type person and myself were engaging in a hushed monotone tete-a-tete that was completely hilarious I glanced over her shoulder at a display for the Samsung Galaxy.  There reason it had a Fancy Dan display was that if you purchased said phone it came with The Avengers loaded on it.  So you could sit and watch the movie on the phone if you wanted to.  I asked how much that phone cost.  It was over $600.

I could buy a TV, DVD player, a copy of the movie, a chair to sit on and probably have enough left over for a Cherry Coke and popcorn for that much.  I informed my verbal dance partner of this.

"Sure, but you can't make a phone call with any of that."

I hate cell phones.  Yet, I need a cell phone.  

I'm convinced radiation from my cell phone with one day give me horrible ball cancer from keeping it in  my pocket.

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