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If you've paid attention to pop culture-y type things you likely heard about flap over Media from the Pixar movie BRAVE getting a makeover.  SourceFed did a piece about it.

I like leaving comments on such things, and I did.

What have we learned from this? Always be yourself. Unless you can be Joe. Then be Joe.
 Joe of course being SourceFed host Joe Bereta.  My comment was quickly responded with an "Or Batman" from another user.  The implication of course being that if you could be either Joe or Batman you may want to be Batman.

"Balderdash", says I.

Joe Bereta is obviously the easy pick over Batman.  Now, before you go naysaying me and calling me a damn liar, allow me to present my evidence.

First, it is apparent that Joe has telepathic powers, or at least some sort of psychic rapport with fellow SourceFed host, Elliot Morgan.  That is the only way to explain this;

As we all know Batman has no telepahic powers, nor a psychic rapport with Elliot Morgan that we know of.

Second, Joe regularly does a segment called "Feelin' Good" in which he takes a look at news stories that are uplifting.

Last time Batman was feelin' good he had been dosed with Joker Venom.

Third, is Joe's professionalism.  Batman seems to lose his edge around beautiful women, especially Catwoman.  This isn't good!  She's a criminal!  And yet Batman can't seem to keep it together enough to bring her justice.  Then there's Joe who has to deal with not one, not two, but THREE drop dead gorgeous women on a daily basis!

If Batman had to be around Trisha Hershberger, Meg Turney, and/or Lee Newton for any amount of time, he wouldn't be able to remember his own name much less do anything productive.  Such is the mountain of self-control Joe possesses.

Forth, Batman has been the topic of much debate as to whether or not he could defeat Superman.  There is no such debate as to whether or not Joe could defeat Superman.  As such, Joe ellicits no fanboy ragegasms, thus adding to internet civility.

Fifth, this is Batman with a beard.

This is Joe with a beard.

Any questions?

Sixth and final, no matter what happens, no one and I mean NO ONE, can reboot Joe Bereta.

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